Possible ide

I have an ide and that is on the level Agains The Grain, in the last part of that when you come out of the last barn on that big field, wouldn’t it be amazing if there was an 100% spawn chance on a boss fight as a last huge fight before compleating the mission :smiley: !

We already have 1 boss spawn either by the first house or one in the field just after the first house and then one more guaranteed at the barn - why would you want more bosses :confused: not to mention one right after the other

no. You can already have up to 2 boss fights on the map… one more just before the end, when you’re potentially near dead? NO THANKS…

haha but thats the adrenaline that would be fun :smiley:

then start streaming on twitch when the Twitch functions are included in vT II… you can fight as many bosses as your viewers want you to fight

then again it was just a thaught :smiley:

integrated development environment

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what did you want to say about that ?