Poor overall performance on 3080

So I can confirm that doing a Clean Installation (bottom of the custom install menu when reinstalling nVidia drivers) helped immensely with my GPU utilization and overall FPS. Something with these latest drivers is just bad, apparently.

Hopefully this helps people.

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Turning off DLSS when you start the game, THEN turning it on also seems to help.

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The game runs dreadful on my setup as well.
I have a 3900x + a 3080, game is installed to a gen 4 NVME SSD. What’s more wild is that changing my graphics settings doesn’t actually seem to improve anything at all. It’s not that the settings aren’t applying either; I took these in the hub restarting the game after every change. Don’t even dream of using ray tracing either, I haven’t bothered trying personally because the game runs terribly with it off.
I’ve had a lot of my complaints about performance be met with “just turn on DLSS” but frankly DLSS shouldn’t be mandatory to run a game over 60 FPS on a high-end rig unless you’re turning on RT.


I see so many issues with AMD/3080’s including myself, all low settings with no rtx on a 3080 and 5600x and still dropping to 59-60 from 80-100 pretty often. Clearly somethings wrong.

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only playable on low for me and the frame rate is still bad

Another here, with a Rtx 3080 with low Gpu usage. but on some occasion when running the game i got 90% usage and in that game i got great fps. It’s definitely a game error.

I install every Nvidia driver update like this.

3080/5600x here

In exactly the same boat, utilisation of both is low in nvidia overlay even with low framerate. None of the settings make much difference aside from RTX which tanks it further. I wonder if DLSS is a bit wonky because for me it performs identically to FSR from a framerate perspective.

I get the same fps with rx580/R7 3700X as op does. IMO this game doesn’t look much better graphically than a game like arkham knight, but i get way less fps. 25% gpu usage 25% cpu usage too.
If they could just stabilize fps i am fine gaming with 50-60 like I am now, but people with better specs should get more.

same for me and my 3080. changing settings barely has any effect lol wtf ?

Hilarious that they recommend using nividia Geforce experiance yet the game is unable to be optimized lmao these devs are in the weeds, lost, stumbling in the dark, giving any and all reasons why it’s not their fault,

is it really that hard to make a solid user friendly game with out making it so convoluted that the devs themselves have no clue what they are doing with it?

i9 - 9900kf, 3080, 32gb ram, 55-65 typical fps 4k medium-high settings ray tracing off, has dipped to 20 fps once, 30 fps periodically, highest peak was 75 fps once or twice.

Since yesterday last patch 1.1.07 the performance are getting worse for me, worst than before this patch.

I am having much more hiccups, hitching and frametimes spikes (monitoring with MSI Afterburner). The overall experience is less enjoyable and even more raw than it use to be before yesterday patch.

When I check the patch notes there doesn’t seem to have any performance fix or thing related that could impact the smoothness of the gameplay this much!

More crashes but you’re on it!
I also had to reduce the worker threads down to 8 from 21 (13700k) because the hitching are way worst with the default 21 worker threads.

eh, you should not be using the e cores for gaming
so 16 threads at most

Hmm I got the RTX 3060TI, game runs perfectly

no it doesn’t lol



Your posts in every thread are 90% unhelpful. If you don’t have any relevant information to contribute, you should try stowing the damn salt and being quiet.


how about you don’t post any more
I have made helpful posts when people say things about pc’s which are nonsensical

I have now actually bought an RTX4080. However, my overall impression is that even with my new setup, the gameplay is still far from smooth!
This is even though I have Raytraycing feature turned off!
My impression remains that this game still needs to be optimized in its current state.
Example BF2042: Here was delivered in the last months a lot and this game runs despite raytracing and all details on maximum setting much more fluid and round. There is no “stuttering” there at all.

Yes I agree even when I am on low settings It still struggles to maintain 60fps on my gtx 1060 6gb. Please fix this Fatshark.