Poor overall performance on 3080


To all fighters for the Emperor, today I updated my OS from Windows 10 22H2 to
Windows 11 22H2.

What can I say, the problem simply no longer exists!

I have mostly constant 144 FPS with the same settings (the value I have fixed in the driver).
Sometimes it jumps to 100 FPS but never below!
No more jerking detectable!

Maybe this is also an option for one or the other plagued gamer here!
Happy slaughter for all of you!

I guess I’m not lucky in love!
Now I have super frame rates but 4 to 5 chrashes per run!

Oh boi, yes, I’ve seen many people say it crashes constantly on windows 11.
My brother has windows 11, on the plus side he doesn’t crash, but his performance is as bad as mine on windows 10.

your gpu is soooooooo oooooooooooold you need at least an rtx 4090 to run this game in 1080p
-some dumbass fanboy

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All problems are now solved for me personally.
6 runs without a single crash is proof enough (this was impossible in the last time).
In summary, the following ToDos have helped for me and maybe also other sorrow plagued fighter for the emperor:

  1. massive Framedrops (partly below 20 FPS! with RTX 3080 AND RTX 4080!) no matter which settings were chosen:
  • Install the nvidia driver as new installation (not as an update)
  • switching my OS to Windows 11 finally solved my frame problems (for whatever reason)!
  1. The frequent crashes to desktop under Windows 11 were actually due to the update.
  • after a complete reinstalling Windows11 with clean drivers, system stability is no problem again (yes it is a lot of work and time — but was the last solution for me)

Those specs are wildly inaccurate, no one is getting that performance at those specs :joy:

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as bad as it is try lowering the resolution so it dosent have to work as hard

just thought id give an update, I disabled gsync and my frames became so much better… like way way better. Maybe give it a shot.

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