Please stop prioritising boss maps in QP

Today I’ve played:

Into the nest 7+ times
Skippergate 5+ times
Warcamp 3+ times
The bubblepoop crapperscurge map at least once
About 6 non boss maps

Currently I’m cycling between Into the nest, Skippergate and Empire in flames.
This can’t be a coincidence.

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I get the impression that there’s a pool of levels that get a higher probability of occuring every day, instead of it being purely random.

Its probably a Fix gone wrong if i had to guess. When i was playing before i had never even seen any of the boss maps. now its all i ever get. i only played 6 games so far this week. (Mostly cause i was playing after work and only had time for like 1-2 a night.) 4 of the 6 were Halescourge and the other 2 were War Camp. I can safely say on my days off when i was playing 10-14 games a day i never even got those maps unless someone selected them manually.

Have you completed those maps already at the difficulty you are attempting them?


not like either of the bosses are difficult anymore

to me it feels related to your power level it seems