Please optimize Quick Play or at least remove quests that require it

Quick Play is astonishingly awful unless you use the mod that lets you host your own Quick Play matches (which defeats 90% of the purpose of Quick Play existing). The main problem is that Quick Play will eagerly bypass valid low ping matches to throw you into a high ping match.

My guess is that Quick Play was designed to prioritize map variety over ping, and that was probably fine when Vermintide 2 had a larger player population. But the smaller the the active player base, the worse Quick Play gets. It used to give you rarely worse than sub-optimal ping, but nowadays outside of peak hours you’re all but guaranteed ping so high as to make the match unplayable.

Having what is intended as the primary game mode in such an awful state is not healthy for the game. Please ASAP implement one of the following fixes:

  1. Make low ping the first priority of Quick Play matchmaking

  2. Give players the option to set QP matchmaking priority (ping, map variety, etc) or at least the ability to set a maximum allowed ping

  3. Stop promoting Quick Play as the primary mode. Immediately remove and replace QP quests from the quest pool. Consider removing the extra chest upgrade progress for QP and shifting it to the map completion upgrade progress.


I agree that qp needs some work and doesn’t work reliably, but:

You can currently set it your ping limit close in the settings, but it seems that qp will still overlook it sometimes and just have ignore it.

I think qp still has a place as a random map is a challenge in itself. This is also why you get a bonus for doing qp to ur loot.

Qp does have issues tho and i personally prefer the lobby browser, so if you don’t really mind the loot bonus try to use lobby browser for low ping games.

Low ping should still be the top priority over map variety. Even if you don’t get many different maps, it’s still random. Every time I host I get 200+ ping teammates because my schedule is different than most people of my region and having to do a bunch of quickplays a week or getting worse loot to get a lower ping game doesn’t sound ideal.

That’s not a ping limit. That’s a geographical distance limit. Quickplay doesn’t take ping into consideration at all, only geographical distance as determined by Steam to your location (based on your IP address). Also, it doesn’t accurately determine distance. It puts countries much farther from my location to be ‘nearer’ than an actually near country.

I know it’s not a ping limit as you can’t set it to an exact number. But if you connect to ‘near’ countries your ping will be lower then when connecting to far countries.

You will never not have quests / dailies that favor QP. I agree it could use some work and improvement. But the game favoring QP is in order to make the game quicker and easier to play keep people playing with others as opposed to close friends (social islands) over and over and never playing with other players


It makes sense to have qp as the primary game choice, but i’d remove (or reduce to 6) the amount of qps needed for the weekly quest. or, at least, have it applied to quick play weaves as well.
There are many options (deeds, weaves, custom maps for challenges) that i don’t like being forced to play that many quick plays each week

I agree, and I think it should be just simply a “match”.

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