Playing quickplay isn't worth it

Between connectivity issues, the ability of one jerk to kick you because you aren’t playing exactly the way he wants, and the usual pitfalls of unreliable player, far too often it just ends up as 20 minutes wasted and the quickplay xp/loot bonus just isn’t worth it.


What’s the solution

I think quickplay putting you in high ping lobbies when there are clearly lobbies available with much better ping has to go.

If I’m in the UK then there is almost no case where I wish to be put in a 200+ ping US lobby, I’d rather play any class that was available and if nothing is available I’d host my own and play with as many bots as needed.

As for the players, meh, it’s very variable but that’s the nature of it. All I can say is the higher difficulty you play the better it is.


Although the hop in difficulty from Champion to Legend seems brutal at first, the general not-a-twatness of the people you play with improves massively. It’s worth going up to Legend. Champion is full of far more downright bellends than Legend.

QP really isn’t worth the bonus though, it’s just the fastest way to get into a game.

It´s a bug that´s been around for a few weeks now…fix ETA is unknown same as most bugfixes.
But i did see a post stating that you can counteract the bug by reseting the lobby search range settings everything you start the game. You do so by starting, opening the setting then picking a different option than you preferred one and activating it. Then you open it again and select&activate the one you actually want.

I have not tested it it yet myself though but if it works it would be something.

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100% this. I don’t appreciate it on either end. I’m sure there’s tricks out there to play very well on high ping, but the quality of the game suffers (I’m not sure if it’s worse on PS4 than PC, but this game can start looking real janky) and that kind of matters to me. There is only so many hours in a day that I have for gaming and staying out of qp seems to be the best way to protect my time.

I mostly solo QP and this right here is the reason why I have been unable to play the last few days. Half is because of a Vermintide issue from the Engineer patch and the other half is Steam related.

Fix connectivity issues and/or make hosting QP available without using the mod. I cannot stand having to unsubscribe then subscribe every time a patch goes live so now I just live without mods.

Which sucks because I started using them over the summer and some of them are quite nice.

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It wouldn’t be nearly as bad if the reconnect actually worked, but I have yet to see it be successful once.

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It’s not easy, but the best solution is try to join a discord group. Getting a crew who mutually tolerate each other makes a huge difference compared to solo

I’ve been away from the game a while and wanted to drop back in after seeing some of my friends picked it up. I thought I could do some quickplay games to “warm up”.

My experience with “Quick Play” is that there is nothing “quick” about it: every time I tried it over the weekend, I got dropped into a lobby with another player and waited several minutes for more players before leaving because nobody was joining.

It was faster to open the search and select an active game.

I think quickplay being what seems to be a separate “queue” just dilutes the available players.

Maybe Quickplay should be “join any ongoing game of the selected difficulty and get a bonus for it” instead? An incentive to help others in ongoing games? The bonus would be for everyone in the game, so it would be an incentive for hosts to make games open to public.

QP and connecting to game has been strange since the end…beginning of times.

This is exactly what it is though. You are supposed to get matched with any adventure map matching the difficulty criteria (not weekly, not deed). QP bonus/2 extra loot dice for random map in lobby/just started/mid-game.

Maybe I just got unlucky getting put in lobbies with AFK hosts then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whereas I’d agree that playing QP for bonus alone isn’t worth it - I just host QPs cause it seems like the right thing to do.

I can rely to that. As a matter of fact I would not ever kick a person for being bad or even toxic.
However if I’m pinging 2 pots and a bomb for three minutes while my “teammate” is running further and further away dragging bots with him, and I eventually get snagged by a packmaster - sorry you’re out.
Oh yeah, those adorable people who just join games to try to teamkill everybody - they also have to go asap.

I know you posted this a while ago, but the specific instance I was thinking of when I typed that was me getting kicked because I was grabbing a grim and the other player wanted to just speedrun the level apparently, but didn’t say anything to me.

well, screw that guy:D

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