Please make the normal crossbow viable

There is really no reason to use it over the repeating one. The same problem plagued vermintide 1, with the exception that it had a rare trait combination that allowed for 2 simultaneous heal traits. In v2 this weapon is just trash, which is a shame because it looks and feels nice.


It seems the normal crossbow loses acccuracy when aiming a charged shot too, which is super frustrating. That also was an advantage it had in V1 - high accuracy and zoom so you could lay down some sick headshot damage from afar.

Besides making it better against chaos warriors I’m not sure what they could do. Without concurrent nerfs to the volley cross you’d always be giving up too much flexibility to get more of something you already had.

There is that, but seriously it needs a damage increase.

Its got such low ammo and no repeating fire. Great range though with no dropoff, but still…

The Ammo is in the Teens if I remember right. So each shot should be a kill which… its not.

Then it would be viable, but it never will be until that happens.

EDIT: Seriously this weapon isn’t even a consideration in comparison to ANY of the other Ranged choices, even Brace of Pistols which I think is on the lower side and needs more ammo beats it out.

I usually do around 5-6k damage/300+ kills/around 20-30 elite & special kill legend runs with crossbow on BH and find its a perfectly viable, if not the best weapon for him.

u sure ur not talking about the volly crossbow?? lol

Its not even a red one. I got 4% crit chance on it and I think power vs something but Im not sure.
It has +2 ammo on crits trait and I dont use ammo on BH passive (no reload after guaranteed crit is op)
It one shots all specials and stormvermins with passive/crit and max two-shots with regular hits. It pierces through hordes like a hot knife through butter if you have a good angle, knocks down maulers and staggers berserkers and chaos warriors (even does AP damage on them with crits).
I usually just stand in backline sniping elites out of swarms/keep specials out of teams hair.

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