Please make Psyker push strong again

Been leveling my Psyker. The super push has been massively nerfed since last closed beta.

That push was one of the Psyker’s best tricks, and now it’s luke warm at best. It does seem like it grows with peril, not 100% on that, but it’s not anywhere close to where it used to be.

Also, one of the Psyker cosmetic penances is 'punt 20 guys off a ledge." Think this was written when the push was still strong.

IT used to send them flying. Now it knocks them on their butt in place, pushes a step or two tops.

Please don’t balance the fun out of the game.


100% this. Whoever is in charge of “balancing” the psyker hates the class seemingly. People had fun in the CBT with it, bring that back and bring the other classes to that level. We love the 40k lore, maybe, but we don’t want to be the ones suffering in it.


With it’s current state, not sure how you would ever complete that penance. It’s lackluster at best and definitely does not feel like a great feature anymore. Peril quell is less, knockback is gone in exchange for a knockdown.

This is incredibly frustrating because whomever nerfed the range on the push forget that it is affected by distance falloff and is now significantly worse than before.

They didn’t completely remove the Peril cost, as the push-attack still costs Peril, so its usability remains almost the same while the people who did make sacrifices to build specifically around the cost are now struggling to make any use of it whatsoever.

Just… Just please, remove the cost. It was fine in the CB.

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Man I’ve had a terribad time with the push penance. I got 19 after about 10 tries of luring a whole horde onto a catwalk.

Push is way, way too weak. Both for sword and ult.