Psyker melee feels very weak after update

I was mk IV blaze force main, and it seems like that might still be the strongest? But enemies got buffed and force swords didn’t get any love so it feels extremely weak on damnation now. I can barely cut down the trash mobs.

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I mean, psyker is not a meelee character. If you have to meelee, that is around 1-5% of the mission, or you are losing hard.

i agree, Psyker Melee does seem weaker than before.
for me its partially due to the buff to enemy health and also the nerf and change to warp charges.
as now their harder to comeby warp charges as it requires a Elite/Special kill, and you lose them on Combat Ability useage.

Agreed. Psyker melee is too weak now. However, just about every other ability other than brainburst needs a nerf. Looking at you asail…

sadly i cant even use Asail as my game crashes, :frowning:

What’s it doing my friend?

equip Asail shards, play game press G and game crashes.
im sure it will be fixed but as of now im just using Sith Bio-Lightning, :slight_smile:

Should probably take away our melee slot then.

Honestly it doesn’t feel as bad now that I’ve gotten used to all the new abilities. I think if the difficulty comes back in line with the way it was pre-patch though it will be a problem. Right now everything is so op it’s hard to tell. I agree psyker shouldn’t really be a melee focused class but if I’m surrounded and need to cut my way out through a few pox walkers I don’t feel like I can really do that any more. It feels like the psyker melee is strictly for mobility and blocking now which just seems wrong.

You might want to give the Dueling Swords another try. They were OK before, but they’re pretty good now ! Crits now send small enemies flying on cleave. And with the +Rending on weak spot blessing, Crushers get decimated in a flash.

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You know I tried them out and the felt pretty bad but now that I found one with the rending on weakspot it feels a lot better. It can’t block projectiles but we have shields for that now. Thanks for the tip. I still hope to see force swords make a come back though I like my glowy sword

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