Please increase Tier 3 Blessings rate in Peddler's Shop

I think decreasing T3 weapon blessings in the Peddler’s shop is the wrong move. Right now all I see are T1 and T2 blessings. The previous iteration where, at level 30, T2 and T3 were prevalent, with rare T1 and T4 blessings was a pretty good system.

And hopefully T4 weapon blessing frequencies have been increased in Melks shop. I’ve mostly seen T3. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen T1 or T2 blessings after hitting level 30.

edit: Peddler shop at level 30.


Agreed. The main problem with this change is that it makes blue weapons nearly worthless because they are all but guaranteed to have a weak t1 or t2 blessing. Before the patch they were the best buys in terms of bars and blessings.

Now the main focus is all about whites and greens with good bars because they can be upgraded to blue with the chance of rolling a high blessing. Blues are only of value if they have perfect bars because you can upgrade them to orange and reroll the dud blessing they started with, but only a tiny fraction of the blues fit that criteria.

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The Armoury has had 0 item with level 3 or above blessing for items above 360 since that patch.

This just gets worse and worse.
way to go.