Melk's emporium needs to generate higher level items

Please do make Melk’s items more interesting :

  • have items spawn with 350-375 level or something like that
  • have minimum level 3 perks and blessings
  • raise the prices accordingly

Or let us buy crafting items with the weekly currency.
Or something.
Part of the whole releasing / tearing down and rebuilding the armory / melk / crafting etc I hope you guys at Fatshark consider.


They can, they’re just working on the same background RNG as the rest of the game. I’ve pulled 160 power Orange curios there, and 375 base power was my highest. It is just too rare, like the regular instances of just finding 100 power blue curios or 360+ base power weapons in the armory. Way too uncommon, you seriously need to hawk this game’s log in screen.

What I am saying is, the levels of items in Melk’s emporium should be 350-375.

I would go a step further and make it so the average roll of weapon power at max rank is 350 minimum, but the devs think seeing 297 base power purples drop from the emperor or over at Melks is a fun gameplay loop. With the loot and items you already don’t get. I also don’t get why those purple and oranges were removed from the armory, in a beta update.

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Small consolation and who knows when it would be useful, but even the purples from Emprah’s Grifts or Contract Shop tend to have Tier 3 blessings and you can find tier 4 blessings occasionally too, possibly making those items good organ donors if and when blessing crafting gets put in.

I have come to believe that this is Melks function. a place to get high level blessings that can be extracted.

Other than the blessings his weapons are no different to the ones the armoury produces.

Maybe this would have been OK if you know, crafting blessings was actually in the game

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I’ve seen one or two excellent weapons on there, and I know a few others have too, but the common thread is his gear having T2-T3 blessings which is the most reliable place to get high tier blessing items for now.

If they want to go the store route, they just need more vendors. One that handles low level gear. Once we hit a certain trust level it should unlock a mid tier gear, cause they trust us with more than a dull butter knife… Once we hit level 30 there should be another vendor that sells end gear stuff.

That way the store won’t be confusing or cluttered.

I have seen 2 really good weapon rolls from Melk between both my characters since launch. But one was on a type of autogun that is crap even with great stats.

Its really far too rare. I’m sitting on 10k melkbucks on each characters and I’ve stopped bothering because there’s nothing worth getting.

Prices are already too high. Two sets of weekly quest for one weapon? Hell naw.

But yes, Melk should only sell 350 and up.

from Beta+Release to this day , didnt find anything with better gear score than mine. with OverPriced Sire Milk.