Please generally nerf difficulty 2 and 3 for new and crappy players

We are having trouble with difficulty 2 and we hoped for 3. 1seems OK but that doesn’t leave much room for advancement.
Leave 4 and 5 hard for the hardcore players. People like me will never go there. Just like hardcore players will never go to level 1 or 2 or even 3.

3 is the middle of the road. If you’re struggling with a level replay it on a lower difficulty until you ace it then try it at a higher level.

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I have played plenty. That’s not my issue. I am as good as I will get. My friends also.

Then you can stay on 1 and 2 then. 3 is necessary at the level it is to prepare players for 4.


difficulty 2 and 3 are not that hard except for truly terrible teams, so if you cannot do those you need to git gud :stuck_out_tongue:


All levels take scaling, us high difficulty players dont (and cant) just hop in the game and go max difficulty. This sounds like a skissue, and the whole community shouldnt have to be bored and learn an unrealistic exposure of game elements to satisfy the fact that you cant get through 2-3… if youre level 30, do malice. If youre not yet, do level 2. If its too hard, that means youre complacent, one solution would be to actually go into a harder difficulty, try your little buns off, inevitably get clapped up, and then go back to the regular difficulty where itll be easier now. Dude if they slowed level 2 OR 3 down, a lot of the community would be incredibly displeased because its so slow and dry in there anyways. Waves take like… 15 seconds to end on malice… that just SHOULDNT be easier bruh. That should be way harder and peepo just need to understand this game just isnt meant to be easy. Not to mention the HUGE margin you would leave between difficulties, the jump from 2-3 or 3-4 would be MASSIVE and that would kill it for so many people. The difficulties scale really nicely right now. I emplore you to try a harder one so you make the game easy of yourself :heart:


Difficulty 2 and 3 are fine. The issue is there is no gear score or level restriction. People tend to be way too overconfident and jump into missions they shouldn’t

And there comes the design issue. Due to this crap map/mission rotatio system, the odds that you will find that mission on the desired level is very slim

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The problem with Difficulty 3 for me is there is often a part of the mission that just cheeses the team. Like in the smelter map I think it was (Idk they all look the same), we were rounding a corner off the stairs to enter the crosswalks that go down into the final room and someone went ahead and got downed. Skill issue to be sure, but everyone else was healthy, ez fix. We entered that room which was filled with horde and 3 pox bursters spawned SO close to us that the first one didn’t need to exit the door it spawned from, it just exploded behind the wall. While being knocked in the air as the Ogryn, before I was able to land, two more exited sequentially and downed everyone but me. I had a crumb of hp left, tried to leave the room down the stairs, was suppressed by gunners and a trapper came and finished it. That is such horse s hit.

Nothing has come close to being as BS but my point is that it should have never happened. There should be systems in place that don’t allow a special that requires an audio cue to deal with be place so close that not only would the cue not help but you literally have no way to avoid it besides not entering the are in the first place, just mind read the AI director is going to cheese you.

Is there something in particular that you’re having trouble with? Maybe we can suggest some tips or strategies if you can shed a bit more light. What’s your “normal” team comp with your friends? Is there a specific map / scenario / mod / enemy that’s the problem?

I’m curious because I can just BARELY do a level 4 mission with a full team of my friends. They are way more skilled than I am and I feel carried a lot above level 3, but level 3 feels really good for me and I’d be pretty sad if there was no real scaling like there is now.

Also what level is your team?

Difficulty 2 is like a walking simulator and difficulty 3 is like a fly swatting simulator. Nerfing them would be a huge mistake. Your right though i will never play them on my level 30 characters but if i ever level up another character i will be forced to play the fly swatting simulator again for a few levels.


We try to play difficulty 3 by level 15 but tbh diff 2 missions are boring by first perk. There is no happy medium difficulty for me. Diff 2 is just grinding. Diff 3 feels really good until someone gets cheesed and then it’s a death spiral. It feels like this game has zero recovery in it. They have this corruption mechanic when people get revived but it’s so inconsequential because that person never gets rezed or there’s a med station 2 meters away. I think the average time someone actually plays with corruption from reviving is like 90 seconds in my experience. I have only experienced black and white once in 65 hours.

The game just came out. Better gear and experience will help 3 become easier for your team eventually. You could always run with my crew and we could try to provide guidance. We’re not sweats but we’ve mastered 3 and are dabbling in 4 now. Plus you can sometimes get 3 with low engagement modifier.

Ive been there i played lvl 2 for majority of my time. And this is how i feel game difiiculties are:

  1. tutorial dificulty. This is basicly to get a hang of game basics. But playing this level will dull your skills not increase them

  2. very casual XP farm. Literally what i said, either you are here to chill, or to farm XP. Cash is too slow to keep up with equipment

  3. balanced for character levels 25-30. Unlike on difficulty 2, here you get armoured rager, mauler, crusher and Bulwark while basic pocwalkers are replaced by scags (yellow clothed) and dregs (armoured), while hordes are bigger.
    This level also requires equipment. Forget about green guns, you need blue/purple/gold with 250+ rating to deal with armoured elites.
    Additional condision like extra number of enemies makes this almost lvl 4

  4. this is a hard version, where specials and elites are very common and you meet them in every other room, while Enemies get noticable health boost. Team synergy become vital and weapons below 350 rating seem ineffective

  5. right here you need to hit weakapota alot, eapecialy with veterans as killing ranged shooters is bery important task. Also this dificulty punishes heavilly for using crappy weapon types.

The difficulty curve is bad, and has always been so in the 'Tide games. Fatshark doesn’t know how to introduce players to the mechanics that are needed at higher level in a way that allows people to make mistakes without wasting time.

The lower difficulties in Vermintide 1+2 were so easy that they had people leaving before playing difficulty 3 because people thought that was the game. 3 was always a huge jump that caught people up and make random groups pain for anyone who’s skills were equal to it. It was either significantly higher skilled players running ahead and soloing because they could handle the comparatively small trickle of hordes and specials, or it was lower skilled players who thought they could do that and failed miserably.

To all of those who are going ‘git gud’ or ‘skill issue’, you’re either missing the point or purposefully ignoring it. This is about people enjoying being at their skill ceiling. If we had all of the same problems running rampant at Cata difficulty (or whatever the highest difficulty on the modded realm was), I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be hearing as much of that.


Y’all are delusional. Huge difficulty jumps between difficulty levels was core to Vermintide 2 and is part of the appeal of the Franchise. Just look at how many people are complaining that 5/5 is too easy compared to what’s possible in VT2. You most definitely do not need to be “25-30” to play difficulty 3. Back when I was leveling with friends, we started winning diff 3 premises when we were all level 8. Is it objectively a bit hard if you did not no-life Vermintide 2 like we did? Sure. This game is fundamentally and mechanically really different from other FPS and action games.

This is the “add an easy mode” to Dark Souls debate all over again. Difficulty is a stylistic choice in video games and it’s OK for games to be hard. Get better or lower the difficulty.


Indeed. This can not be overstated enough. I remembered when I first started Vermintide 2 back in '18 and was apprehensive at how easy the melee combat was. It was essentially a left-click simulator until you finally reached the higher difficulties, however the lower difficulties did a terrible job of instilling bad habits within players. Foundational principles such as; parrying, dodging, swapping between weapons to deal with threats from range, controlling a horde, horde management, monster management, pushing while dodging, and so on; were all skills not taught properly to low difficulty players. This all culminated in an excruciating curve that punished new players when they progressed beyond recruit.

This is also exasperated by how power level works and players not having essential skills of their class available to them when they first start. Fatshark’s mechanisms of forcing players to grind mindlessly through low difficulties not learning anything to succeed when they progress beyond recruit; is a serious problem of design that ought to be addressed.


Why were you hoping for 3, though? If you are not getting bored playing 2, just keep at it :slight_smile:

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I get that 3 is a bit of a jump, but 2 ?


What i find more strange is that there’s barely any difference between Damnation and Heresy, yet people don’t queue for Damnation

Sure, I remember experiencing this too in Vermintide 2. It was definitely very shocking (at first) to go from Veteran to Champion. My friends and I died over… and over… and over. Actually, most of them gave up on the game. But honestly for me that was part of the challenge that made the game great. Sure, you CAN develop bad habits in the “easy” difficulties, but if you ever hope to go higher? You simply need to train yourself out. The game stops holding your hand after a certain point and that’s a good thing.

Don’t squish the difficulties. The high skill ceiling is what makes both Darktide and VT2 so great.