Difficulty feedback by participated in 3 beta

Sry for my bad english.

My co-op or related game hours:
Destiny 2: 2088.8
DRG: 333.9
Payday 2: 408.5
Vermintide 2: 959.7
Darktide(pre-order beta): 99.7

Although my skills only not bad, but i think Darktide current difficulty is too high, even you playing like a pro still can’t solo, it will be toxic. If pro skills player still can’t solo, good skills player also can’t carry newbies. there will be 2 cases in the 4/5 difficulty, kick out players with unqualified skills/equipment/levels, or only play with friends who also have good skills. This will keep newbies out of high difficulty, eventually newbies will leave Darktide.

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um why should newbies be playing high difficulty. the highest difficulty should not be beatable by anyone who is not insanely good. if you make it too easy its just so boring. currently i feel they could either scale up damnation difficulty or make another one harder then it otherwise this game will get stale.

Stop asking for nerfs ffs…

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How is skill better when newbies don’t try 4/5 difficulty? For higher difficulty, twitch mode can solve.

twitch mode isnt even harder. half the time they give you health potions and its just easier.

and honestly what are you even talking about? “how is skill better when newbies dont try 4/5 difficulty?” what are you trying to say here?

i mean when newbies dont try 4/5 difficulty, how to get better skills? always stay in the champion, never know how to survive in the legend/cata.

you can disable blessings in twitch mode, timer can also be shorter.

Dying is part of learning. In fact if its too easy and you never die you will never learn. The idea that you cant improve if its too hard is just wrong.

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agree, but in 4/5 difficulty people can’t carry newbies. this leads to people just kick out newbies trying higher difficulty.

Nah i can clutch in 4 all the time. Actually i prefer if im with bad players in 4 because otherwise its way too easy. Damnation i dunno cus randoms dont queue for it. I play it with a group when they on.

Please no. I enjoy having a challenging game that makes me have to be skillful at the game mechanics. There’s a reason there is multiple difficulty levels for you to play, both for comfort level and for practice before advancing.

As for “newbies” leaving the game or getting kicked at higher levels, I have no problems with newer players joining a higher difficulty if they’re genuinely trying to learn and play with the team. I’m fine with helping people out to ensure they also have a good time.

If people are joining heresy or damnation at level 5 with no gear and just running off ahead, yeah that’s a problem. Which has happened, it’s still doable to get through the level but you just have one player taking all the resources. Though I think Fatshark probably let anyone join any level due to being a beta, as in VT you need a minimum gear level before it opens up if I remember correctly.

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Maybe you’re right, just no player I’ve met/know is willing try to carry newbies. it was pretty depressing, i really don’t mind losing. If we can’t win, even willing to lower the difficulty instead of kick out newbies.

Im a masochist in these kinds of games. Im happy to lose. Im happy when my whole team is dead and i get to try my best to solo clutch. Im happy when i queue into heresy and i see a bunch a level 10s. Its true im probably a minority but if the game doesnt make it inherently hard enough then i gotta find my own way to make it harder.

i know that feeling, when everyone else is dead, saving them all by myself is like saving the world. this is why i love hard co-op games. i guess it’s just me in a toxic community, so unwilling to carry newbies.