Please, for the love of the Emperor dont be stupid and nerf anything in the next patch

I dont follow, i never said make everything OP, i said dont nerf the good stuff, buff the bad stuff and you agree the game isnt trivialized so whats the argument here?

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Powersword already got a nerf, damage fallof starts at the 3rd poxwalker and the cleave is limited to 8-10. Its basically a lighsaber what do you want it to do exactly?

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I’m referring to any rebalancing that pushes the power levels higher. It’s generally bad. It’s hard to balance. It’s better to just balance the game in place, but adjusting power levels up or down as needed. Fatshark knows this of course, which is why they’ve been adjusting some stuff up and some stuff down. That’s the way everyone does it, and there are good reasons for that. If you don’t see the problem with “just buff everything” I don’t really know what to tell you…

No i dont see how nerfing the Flamer and further nerfing the Powersword would make the game better. It woulnt magically make the Thunder Hammer a more fun weapon to play. I do however see how giving the Revolver a quickloader on empty would make the game MUCH better.


But no one is asking for pushing the less well performing weapons above the well performing weapons. We’re more asking for the floor to be raised rather than raising the ceiling. No one, no one (except in hyperbole) is asking for an instant “I WIN” button.


I get your point. You’re saying you don’t think anything is currently overpowered so therefore don’t nerf anything, right? I think you’re probably wrong re: flamer and powersword but I also don’t think either is game breakingly powerful. They’re just both slightly overpowered imo. I’m responding to your larger claim that in general they shouldn’t ever nerf anything and should instead just buff things. This would inevitably lead to an across the board power scale increase, which would either trivialize the game (if enemy health wasn’t scaled up to match) OR totally pointless (if enemy health was scaled up to match).

as veteran i desperately search for other weapons. power sword and kantrael VII are the only weapons i can use for damnation.

My brother and I do damnation runs all the time. He mains a vet and likes the infantry autogun better than kantrael xii. Maybe worth a try? He definitely swears by powersword tho haha

Exactly, there are weapons that clearly need help in finding purpose, (and by the way that could be achived by other means not necessarily by buffs, for example custom ammo and attachments could help Autoguns immensely) yet you have people here just screeching for nerfs to the Powersword and the Flamer as if that would help the Autopistol be any better.

It doesn’t show anything. Majority of players left this game, they probably not even tried all weapons/wepons with good stats.

I’ve played all dark souls, elden ring and sekiro. Aaannnd?

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Ok how would improving the Thunder Hammer and the Psyker somehow push the envelope and suddenly make the game broken?

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It shows everything. If some weapons made the game trivial the stats would reflect that reality. Your personal account that you can beat easily Damnation shows nothing, because congrats you’re a good player, but the actual statistics, for the whole playerbase, dont support your claims.

Good for you and im happy you enjoy them, doesnt mean a coop pve horde shooter should become those games by nerfing everything because those are your personal preferences.

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It wouldn’t. None of the specific things we’re discussing would break the game. Flamer and power sword also aren’t breaking the game, they’re just a little too good and should probably be toned down slightly. The only thing that would imo break the game long term is if they had some policy of never nerfing anything and instead only buffing. Over time everything would become too powerful.

How? Lets say they, gradually, just a few weapons in each patch, improve the weaker/unenjoyable weapons. How would that lead to unbalancing? Are you implying that i am suggesting buff everything to be better than the Powersword and then buff the Powersword some more?

That stat doesn’t mean much tho, because it’s not 4.5% of players that have attempted to run heresy missions, it’s 4.5% of the total players that have ever played this game. It includes the guys who played thru the prologue and uninstalled, or who played a few uprising missions and went back to VT2. You just can’t read that stat as “over 95% of players can’t beat heresy!”

That said, I don’t think players are generally overpowered at the moment. But that particular statistic doesn’t mean much imo.


if some weapons made the game trivial (im not saying you but some people in this thread), the stats for heresy should be like at least 20% since weapons “supposedly” make the game too easy. But we dont see that.

Yes you’re right about flamers (and power sword).

But I really would like to see laspistol, revolver, Shredder autopistol buffed like I suggested.

I had a discussion on discord about revolver. I really like this gun, however, it is slow at reloading.
Well, the guy with who I discussed demonstrated me that the gun I love is a bad gun compared to an MG XII or an agri braced.
Do we have to nerf also these weapons?
I really think that nerfs are needed. Flamers and power sword are good examples. However several weapons need buffs also.

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Well it’s hard to get power levels exactly right, isn’t it? As evidenced by the current state of the game. So let’s say for the sake of argument they do what you’re suggesting, and they’re pretty careful, so they can balance everything to within some smallish margin of error, let’s say +/- 1%. But of course it follows some distribution, so there will be oopsies where they accidentally got +5% instead. So say they do this and overall they nail it, but then they realize oops, now heavy sword is actually 1% stronger than power sword. And they’re not allowed to nerf anything, so they try to bring everything up to heavy sword level… But oh shoot, now chain axe is 0.5% too strong! Again can’t nerf anything, so buff everything else to chain axe level… And now everything (including power sword) is 1.5% stronger than powersword is now. And it gets stronger and stronger every time a change is made.

but buff is always better than nerf.

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Yeah I agree. A bunch of weapons are useless at the moment and badly need buffing. My personal hobbyhorse is revolver, bc imo revolver would be super fun to play if it was tuned up a little bit.