Please fix the weight system for the weekly event when a map is being picked at random or let us choose the map by adding a custom game weekly event menu

Every single time its twins or vanguard twins i am constantly spammed with the same maps over and over again and its pissed me off to the point im making a thread about it.

dark omens
enchanters lair
into the nest
blood in the darkness
righteous stand
convocation of decay
screaming bell
engines of war

Out of 30 games this week 24 of them have been these 8 maps…

Why do i not get other maps? This never happens with quick play.

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Just FYI: You can pick maps for the weekly event using the same workaround that lets you pick maps/difficulty for deeds.


Not when you’re solo. Have you ever considered instead of shitty workarounds fatshark devs should fix basic things wrong with the game after nearly 4 years?


They were just trying to be helpful, no need to be rude.

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