Your matchmaking system is the worst i've ever seen

Bogenhafen maps show up 50% of time.
When someone is kicked, he joins again.
When someone left, he joins again.

The only way not to be disturbed by your crappy matchmaker, is to avoid the quick start button. This is a pain.

You know because everyone told it. But you don’t care. At all.
As a result, people leave the party when a Bogenshit map starts.

This game is great, but your matchmaking system sucks and make the all thing suck. Too bad…


Even worse, I once got Blightreaper 3 times in a row. I like that map, but I don’t like it that much.

It doesn’t suck as much as you claim it is regarding map persistence. There’s two reasons for it. One, because it’s DLC, less people play it. QP maps are selected by checking all four player’s least completed maps, so of course the DLC ones always show up. That’s definitely Fatshark’s fault, I agree. Two, absolute sh*tlords suicide every time they load up (so they don’t complete the map). I know the reason is in the first point I made, but it still worsens the problem more than anything. Plus honestly they’re cool maps IMHO, so why commit suicide every time? There’s only 15 maps currently, at this point every map pretty much feels like “god, not again” anyway.

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