Bad Matchmaking (Quick Play)

Is this broken again?
I keep getting maps that I just finished, or ran a map or 2 ago on quick play. I also keep getting in to the same match I was kicked from. I do have “don’t recommend other heroes” off, so is it possibly a lack of players to queue me with?

Not sure if this is the right place to speak about it but for the past week I’ve been getting kicked from I’d say about 1/5th of the quick play matches I search for on Legend. I really don’t know why, as most of quick play matches are quiet. Maybe they don’t like a bolt staff Bright Wizard or a Waywatcher using 100% cd reduction Pierce.

I also get a few good cooperative teammates every now and then. It’s just after 2.0 I’ve been getting kicked more often or the host rage quits. I’m getting tired of getting kicked mid-match. But the worst part is the match maker partnering me with the same group.

Match making keeps pitting me against the map I just finished. It also keeps placing me back in groups that already vote kicked me.

The kicks it seems are just a part of how the community as a whole is dealing with the new systems. I imagine people will be less kick prone as time further passes and these players either get better or stop playing.

Quickplay sure does seem broken though but it might just be that the map you’re getting in a row is simply the only map available to play on in your range. Goodness knows how many times I’ve seen Horn of Magnus last weekend alone.

Do you get a Message with “you got kicked from game” or how do you know that you got kicked? Game is still unstable and buggy…

Don’t forget the bug where you load into a match as the wrong character/class than what you thought you selected…

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