Matchmaking putting kicked players back into games they got kicked from

This has happened several times now, sometimes with more than one player in the same game.

Sometimes you just get stuck with players who keep going down or go down at the first sign of a horde, don’t seem to know that the right mouse button is for blocking, etc. Naturally you conspire with your fellow players to get rid of these guys before they sink the run, and get some better players in. The problem is that once they are kicked they just come right back. Then you have to get all distracted initiating another vote kick while you are trying to fight.

Are they doing it on purpose?
Is matchmaking putting them back in when it really shouldn’t?
Is the game trying to be more challenging by teaming us up with recruit level players?

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Having been kicked from legend for simply not being lvl30 and then going back into QP, yeah it really does just put you back in.

Kicking people from games should ban them so they cannot rejoin and grief.

I don’t think it’s happening on purpose… at least, not all the time.

I did a quickplay and joined a party, played with them for a little and got kicked. Not sure what it was about; I assume they were trying to make a spot for a friend.

In anycase, I got kicked; I did a quickplay again and got paired with the same people who kicked me. There was nothing intentional about it on my part – it felt like a quirk of quickplay.

-reported this 4 months ago. griefing player just kept returning until the mission was lost.

  • missing illusions on reds? reported months ago.
  • Slayer’s bugged leap? bugged since the previous Vermintide, somehow.
  • bugged atack canceling, reported 4 months ago.
    -the list goes on

never expect fixes from Fatshark

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