Please BALANCE weapons

I like the boltgun and the power sword just as much as the next person, but this combo is vastly superior to other options. Most level 30 Veterans are using this very combo. Which is completely fine, it’s an understandable choice. Yet without more weapon balance, there will be less build variety and less replayability in Darktide.

Build variety is of course important as it gives players more viable options for gearing. If they like a specific weapon, they could eventually even use it in harder modes. Allowing the player to tailor their gear to their playstyle. Then while not absolutely required, having players use different weapons makes for a more diverse experience to the game. Where players use a broad range of gear, instead of mirroring one another.

Replayabilty is improved with more balance as it gives players more room to experiment with gear and skills. If nearly anything is viable in late game, then you’re open to testing and tweaking. Plus having an overly clear best in class weapon, incentivizes players to solely pursue that weapon. Once you’ve acquired it, you’ve peaked, as you know other options aren’t relevant.

Currently Darktide doesn’t seem to have great weapon balance (mostly understandable as it’s a new release). I have about 60 hours as Veteran and have used every available weapon a decent amount. They all seem pretty good and have their place in combat. But then I used the boltgun, this thing can obliterate a screen of specials in a couple seconds with little effort. The TTK is just on another level compared to most other options. I personally prefer the revolver and recon lasgun, but these options aren’t exactly viable on harder difficulties. Really everything is below the boltgun.

In terms of melee weapons the disparity in efficiency is even greater. The power sword is able to cut down dense hordes of enemies like butter. Seemingly one shotting any regular sized enemy in your path. Add in the giant AOE of it’s secondary attack and you have what can feel like the best melee weapon in the game. Other options can kill specials and bosses a little faster, but can’t clear anywhere near the same amount of poxwalkers.

Coming from a good amount of ARPGs and horde based shooter games, I think weapon balance is extremely important. I’m not at all throwing shade on the boltgun and power sword combo, but it’s irrefutably overpowered in comparison to other weapons. I think a fix would be to balance by buffing all other weapons. It makes sense that these weapons are very powerful given their lore in the Warhammer universe. Thus they could even remain superior options, while still bringing all other weapons closer to their level. Said combo is very fun to use, but their standout power is nullifying the rest of the armory. Thanks.


Yeah, these weapons feel like space marine power fantasy. The bolter is completely over the top. You could probably just outright halve its damage and it would still be one of the better ranged options in the game. As for the power sword, whose idea was it to give the best melee weapon in the game to the ranged specialist? The other weapons with charge attacks get one singular high risk/high reward attack. Then this thing gets multiple no-risk, huge reward attacks from every activation. It’s bad comedy.


I was genuinely surpised to see the Veteran getting power weapons. Chainswords, yeah sure, but outright power weapons?

The Zealot already has a power hammer, they should get the power sword too.


I feel like fatshark needed to work space marine weapons in the game somehow. Ironic given the fact that in lore a Bolter would be breaking the wrist of normal humans and none of the classes should be wielding them. They were designed for space marines, after all.

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And in lore there are human-use bolters.


You are wrong. There are boltguns for normal humans too. 0.75 calibers (the one in darktide) are for normal humans to use. The 0.998 caliber ones are for marines.


The really big problem with weapon balance is the extreme DPS gap against Monstrosities and the beefier specials, especially on high difficulties.

When it takes 1-2 shots to kill something it doesn’t make a huge difference how much DPS a weapon has. The time it takes to acquire a target and land good hits is much more important than how much raw damage the weapon can pump out.

So the weapons all feel pretty balanced when you’re dealing with hordes and specials. It’s when you start dealing with the beefier armored elites and monstrosities that you start to really see a huge difference between weapons.

For example of a weapon that falls apart when fighting things with huge health: I really like using the Voidstrike staff, but it’s insanely frustrating to see how useless it is in boss fights. The weapon can inflict literally thousands of points of damage in a single fully charged shot when it plows through a horde of poxwalkers, but when it hits a Beast of Nurgle it only inflicts one single hit for maybe around 300 damage. You can shoot this once every 2-3 seconds, and you have to periodically break to quell, so it’s simply worthless in terms of DPS.

It’s frustrating because you would think that what basically amounts to a warp-cannonball that can travel through 20 human bodies with ease would be utterly devastating when it rakes through a giant meat-mountain.

The game’s math is just doesn’t take into account penetration against enemies that are so large that they should be absorbing a lot more of the projectiles energy than a humanoid would as it passes through.

The bolter is just at that perfect intersection of high per shot damage and high rate of fire where it never chokes on an enemy’s HP. The only limitation is ammo.


I’m fine with Void staff being crap against bosses, it’s the downside for being so good against crowds

What’s not fine is Brain Burst being also garbage against bosses
Only Brain Burst value is to have the Cerebral Lacerations feat so everyone deals +15% do the monstrosity, which is a terrible idea altogether because then you lose Psychic Communion which is pretty much mandatory because otherwise you have no reliable source of warp stacks

And even with 15% your own damage is still garbage

So you get, again, compounded issues which put the Psyker in a bad spot


Kind of, but at the same time there needs to be some perspective on how important impressive horde clears are compared to being able to bring down dangerous specials and monstrosities before they wipe out your whole team. The ability to wipe out a horde is awesome, it feels really powerful, but it’s not a capability your team can’t live without. The Voidstrike staff isn’t even considered the most powerful staff.

I’m not saying the Voidstrike Staff needs to be the best weapon ever against bosses, but I am looking ahead to other Psyker classes in the future here. If these staves don’t pack a punch against bosses and armored enemies when fully charged you simply will not be able to play them on any psyker that doesn’t have armor piercing single target damage built into their kit. That’s assuming they actually fix brain burst.

You already get this effect on other classes where the main reason almost everyone runs a bolter is because the bolter is good at everything. It can deal with armor, it can deal with hordes, it can deal with bosses.

The voidstrike staff should be the straight forward damage dealing staff. Think of it like a cannon in a Napoleonic era battle. It should be great at bowling through loads of humanoids, but it should also do substantial enough damage to big things that it’s not a complete waste.

In today’s event I genuinely wasn’t having fun because I felt like a complete drag on our team as a psyker, with no ability to do any real damage to the demon hosts during a fight that is basically a DPS check.


Oh you haven’t seen the end of it

Until Fatshark acknowledges Psyker has issues, it’s only going to get worse

Today i had a few Veteran players tell me to gtfo both on Heresy and Damnation, not because i’m bad or anything, but because my class is trash ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Of course they all ran power sword / bolter

Psyker desperately needs better feats balance and distribution, better warp stacks management, and better Brain Burst

Staffs are the least of our issues right now


The gunplay itself just feels terrible. The fact you can’t sprint and reload at the same time is kinda stupid. Also the fact you can’t ADS while shooting is also dumb. The game lends itself more to melee combat than ranged which is kinda sad cuz this was marketed as a horde shooter. But it feels like i’m just playing buggy vermintide


True, but the staff is the most fun part of the class for me, so if it’s not good my whole enjoyment of the game suffers.


Unfortunately this isn’t really an issue with the Bolter and Power Sword, they’re both surprisingly healthy weapons. The Bolter is inaccessible and very tight on ammo, the Power Sword relies on its killing power (which is far more restrained in Heresy+) to compensate and has one of its weapon statistic slots wasted with Cleaving being split in two.
You can see why the above drawbacks make the weapon a real prize for the Veteran, who is designed specifically to mitigate most of them?

What’s really killing weapon balance is the enormous gulf between these powerful-feeling weapons that synergize well with their classes and everything else.
A Revolver might be able to match a Bolter shot-for-shot in many fields but it has a third of the ammo pool and a slower reload. And you can repeat this over and over for almost every other weapon in the game.

“This weapon would be good, but…

Autogun? Lasgun? Staves? Sidearms? Heavy Stubber? Pointlessly hamstrung on effective damage, armor penetration, ammo pool, and usability compared to higher level peers. Why does a laspistol have less than 25% of the equivalent ammo to its higher tiered counterpart? The higher tier counterpart doesn’t need to be nerfed, the laspistol needs to have a functional amount of ammo so that they can begin to compete on the same playing field.

Catachan Fang? Force Sword? Axes? Dueling Swords? Heavy Swords? Shovel? Same thing, just randomly worse across the board in terms of damage, armor matchups, moveset, or require weapon blessing synergies to function. The problem isn’t that my Eviscerator can go through half a pack of armor with a well-placed swing, it’s that my other weapons never improve or develop; they just remain outdated fodder for lower difficulties that have to blow half their power budgets on cleave traits and armor shred just to struggle to a form of basic functionality.


Yea but like

It takes 4 Brain Bursts to kill 1 Mutant on Damnation


We have much more urgent matters


Do you know what a bolter is? An Arbites pattern bolter that we use is a .75 calibre gyro grenade launcher. Doing a frack load of damage to anything hit is what it does. The bolter FEELS like a bolter should feel.

Also, why the Veteran has access to hte power sword: probably because IG members can have them. Rough Riders and Officers might use a sabre pattern, and hten there’s:

Munitorum Pattern - The commonly used variant of power sword utilised by members of the Imperial Guard.


Meanwhile Ogryn has … err.

Weapon balancing will come little by little.
Pretty sure it will come in the form of nerfs everywhere rather than uplifts though.
Enjoy your shiny toys while they last.


All of this is 200% irrelevant to keeping weapons balanced.


the issue isn’t the bolter, but everything else. And it is relevant because the enjoyment of a weapon, and the portrayal of it in a game, play a good part here… And if you reduce the power of the bolter, you might need to increase the ammo by the same count…


Ammo economy could easily be revisited in general. I’d love for some variety but I’ve opted out of high difficulty because watching power sword guardsmen cut up hordes and also have grenades that do something is pretty one note. Not going to mention the range damage they can put out with their still very low cooldown ult, if you thought MWP rangers were annoying you’ve not seen bolter reloaded mid magazine. Maybe there’s a psyker staff in the full game that gives us something for single target damage but there’s still a ton of weapons just incongruent with the game design. Like running revolver feels like playing a behind enemy lines survivor sim, barely having ammo for any given situation even looting every pick up. And this is a gun with mostly functional aim and damage…


Yeah i think you’ve kinda nailed it. It’s an iconic weapon so people obviously flock to it. I think the other weapons need a buff in terms of overall damage and ammo count to make them usable. Also the gun handling in this game is very very clunky. I’m wondering if this studio has ever made a game that actually uses modern era guns because they make each and every gun feel as if i’m carrying a massive gun. Some of these autoguns are like submachine guns yet the reloads feel as if i’m loading an AA gun. I get it the calibers are big but cmon