New ammo drop is not the real issue

Ineffective weapons are, ironically bolter is in the right spot now imo, but 2 most standout examples, XGII and power sword missing breakpoints, before having +20/25% flak armor on power swords were very important because that enables one light attack headshot dreg assaulter + one heavy sweep scab assaulter, now you can’t. Before XGII could one shot headshot scab/dreg shotgunners and gunners at medium ranges, now with all range dmg, weak spot dmg, elite dmg buff ticked, you can only one shot head shot them beyond medium range, even then it’s not reliable on the scab gunners because you have aim at center of it’s face, one inch off to the helmet hitbox, no kill.

I suggest remove medium to close range dmg debuff on all lasguns and increase their fire rate slightly across the board, and add power sword breakpoints back in. Now in terms of all the rest lesser variants and types of weapons, similar things can be done to increase the fluidity and responsiveness, dmg now seems not be the issue for this patch as many weapons ranged or melee got good increase.

I mean why waste the money on labor cost to make so many variants just so ppl end up only using one or two right?


Very true,

Take, for example, my Veteran’s Helbore MK II.

I have run out of ammo on rarely, but it usually happens when things are not going well for my team and the A.I. Director awoke in a bad mood and wants to kill us all so he/she can go back to sleep.

What I really want is a larger mag size for my Psyker’s Revolver and a buff to the Achlys stubber for my Ogryn, because the Achlys is my favorite stubbah!

Yeah… A perfect powersword (80 in all dmg stats, 25% perk) can not 1shot kill a dreg trashmob (first target) with an empowered headshot, unless 5 stacks of T4 Slaughterer are up.
Let that sink in.

If they just added the ability to upgrade item modifiers to 100% at the cost of diamantine, we would probably not have this discussion right now.


Power Sword is fine, if you have a reliable stock of copium, with the heavy attack doing nothing you just better off spamming light attacks, is it stupid? yes, do they care? hopefully not, all they can do is botch it even more

On the other hand, the power sword is in a good spot now!

It was far too good (aside from the poor defenses), especially when compared to what other classes had available prior to the balance pass.

It wasn’t far too good for being a power sword though, this is not just a videogame where there should be equity among the weapons, this is warhammer, it just doesn’t make sense that you have the same if not better result bringing knives, swords and axes then you would have by bringing a power sword

the ideal thing would be starting with low tech weapons when you are new to the game, and as the difficulty progress you unlock more powerfull and hi tech weapons to deal with the harder difficulties

of course nobody compell players not to use hi tech weapons in lower difficulties ‘‘ruining the new players’’ but bringing down every weapon to the same level just botch the game for me, especially a warhammer game


So my problem with your argument is that “back in the day”, before this update, everyone and their grandmother played the Veteran because it was the class with the most damage, toughness, usable weaponry, and the best Horde Clear weapon in the game, e.g. the Power Cycler Power Sword.

Could one accomplish great things with the Zealot? Yes, you could, but you had to really be good at close combat, while with the Veteran you could just turn off your brain, activate the Power Cycler Sword, and listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird while hacking away with a smile on your face.

I feel that the; “it’s Warhammer 40k” argument creates it’s own problems: Why can’t psykers just wipe out the entire screen with their warp powers? Why don’t monstrosities spawn when the psyker blows up by exceeding the hazard limit?

Shouldn’t Psyker be the strongest class in the game with that logic?

Darktide is a team game with 4 classes to choose from. If only one class is viable on all fronts, as the veteran used to be, why would anyone bother playing the other three?

This update has opened up options, yes Assail Psyker is an issue ATM, with the other classes previously inferior to the Veteran.

Either give all classes a variation of a Power Sword with Cycler, as the Psyker Illisi did not yet exist, or rebalance the classes so they are in line with each other.

BTW, while I am a Psyker main, my Veteran is the highest level (true level mod), and I think Fatshark did a good job with the update.

My Veteran is now what he should be: a great rifleman, not a one-man army a la Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone.


as a warhammer fan if the developers of a game give bolter and power sword to a class i believe its meant to be the strongest class

i like your idea of the great rifleman, a good imperial guard that solves problems with lasgun and frag grenades, i would have enjoyed the game even more if all i could use were laser weapons and solid projectile weapons

but the devs didn’t, they had to add power swords, bolters, plasma guns, flame throwers, thunder hammer and power mauls in their game with the logic that they would be much needed in the higher difficulties

i play the game since the september beta, i’m a beta tester, and i loved it, i’ve played the beta for 36 hours straight, i’ve leved up my ogryn in low level fights, then when i tried the level 4 and 5 i felt overwhelmed, my weapons weren’t doing any damage and i sucked (there were no grenade launchers back then, only ripper gun and lorenz shotgun)

then after the game released i played a vet and learned that there was actually hi tech weapons to unlock to be able to deal with those powerfull crushers and it was fantastic the way it was

now 1 year later after going trough dozens of balance patches every weapon and build just feel pretty much the same to me, with this ideology of everyone gets a cookie borught darktide to its shallowest form, its just not fair to me.

I get that some people just likes to bring lasguns and expect to be usefull in an Auric game to then complain to Catfish that they suck, but i don’t like those people, they are the ones who ruins the game for me

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Power sword needs to be better than most of the none power weapon to be “lore accurate” I think the only way to truly balance this situation is to make it even more inconvenient to use, something like even longer activation animation to expose the player to more danger, ideally ppl should choose other swords knives even shovels because they are light fast and good dmg against trash mobs rather than a more situational best dmg cleave strike against anything.

Exactly, this is a Warhammer 40k game, things need to be according to certain premade “law”. Fatshark added these iconic powerful weapons clearly because it attracts more ppl, but like you said , if they decided to add them, better fo it right, we haven’t seen any studio bring these weapons to life in a live service coop shooter game before, they better not squander this chance while they have no competition yet.


I changed a section of my post because it came across as hostile, which was not my intention. Sorry about that! I am working on improving my English.

It never felt intentional to me that the Veteran was the most powerful class. More like Fatshark, like a lot of other things in Darktide, did not spend enough time fleshing out class balance.

Before revolvers were cool, my Veteran was a revolver guy. Now with the Krieg outfit released, I felt that I had to use the Helbore. Even before the recent balance pass it was a great weapon. Punching through Crushers like they are butter.

However, I will agree with you that unfortunately a lot of weapons and builds feel “the same”. It’s difficult to make something that feel unique. That might also be becasue Darktide isn’t really a real RPG game (RPG as in not only playing a role) so you are naturally limited.

Personally, I believe that there are too few weapons. There are many MKs and so on, but there are too few weapons that are unique and not just variations of autoguns and lasguns. I would also like to see Zealot, Psyker, and Veteran share more weapons with each other, as well as be able to dualwield a sword and, say, a laspistol or revolver at the same time.

I have not played Warhammer in a long time, but do not Chainswords give you an extra attack? If that is the case, should not Chainsword be the weapon with Power Cycler?


my vision of the game is where people are happy to see that someone brought the bolter so that they can actually make progress in the map and win the game

it has been like this for me in the first fiew months after this game releleased, i would like to feel the same way again

Power sword was bait before, now it’s just trash. You were better of running Caxe unless you were certain you’d have to do 80% of the horde.

Currently, if you want to go for sword action just pick Catachan it’s better even offensively even before you learn how to do the parries(My pick is mark IV). It doesn’t have to be powered up, heavies actually oneshot trash, very good horde clear, more speed, and more and better dodges.

If you go for melee Vet it isn’t even “just better” it’ll be miles ahead of the Power Sword.

I personally find this ridiculous, but you do you.

PS: My view on this is based on Auric-STG+ performance.


its ok i see where you are coming from

chain sword with power cycler, i mean they are always kinda activated while attacking, they just got buffed, they are super strong now, and i love them, i didn’t mention them because i was happy of their current state

Currently, yes. Back then, no.

Power Sword used to be very powerful because it was good at dealing with mixed hordes, but yeah, they were eventually replaced by axes that could also deal with Crushers.

I was referring to it after the activation nerfs. Before that, it was a glass cannon but had the cannon part.

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Do you mean the Power Cycler nerfs when you could no longer keep it running indefinitely or the activations? It was still good after those nerfs.

Crushers were Power Sword’s weakness if you did not have a ranged weapon to deal with them.

I got a great MKIV Sword also! :smiley:

Still like Power Sword better since activated it staggers Ragers in a group of Poxwalkers.

Feels safer

Should other people’s choice of weapon really be that impactful on the overall game, from a gameplay perspective?

Joining into a game and not seeing a Bolter shouldn’t be cause for concern.

Iconic 40k weapons should look/feel the part, but since the game has more traditional weapons available (which aren’t going away), everything should perform within a reasonable range of everything else. That’s not to say the Bolter couldn’t be made into the objectively best gun, just that it shouldn’t be so far ahead that it’s presence alone is potentially a deciding factor in the game.

Were it not for the fact that it gott a nerf, Power Sword honestly looks like it was completely overlooked during the patch cycle. It was alright in patch 12 IMO, but with all the enemy HP values going up, it got left behind.


You still can to a ddegree but way more ammo tight, it’ll be better if the ammo aura got buffed to maybe 5-8%, however before that as a long time fps player I would like to see they fix the jumpy ads animation first and to make things even better, reduce horizontal recoil by at least half and increase vertical recoil by at least half, so that fps muscle memory can kick in you know.

I just remember a time in darktide where having a bolter or not in your squad would be very significant towards completing a high level mission

i’m fond of those memories, since now every gun or melee with the right specs can do pretty much the same work in the end it just feels like a worse game when everybody can do the same things for me