Please allow us to see Teammates equipment

Hi there FS

in V1 we can see the equipment of teammates, weapons, trinkets, amulets, etc and we know what to expect, what bonuses or not,
same could be very useful in V2

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You were using a mod in V1 to see this.

But yes the tab menu just seems to have space there for that.

Also there is a mod that aims to acive this:


This would be very helpful for ps4 (i know pc master race just my pc is trash to play on). I always get noob skrubs on veteran and champion runs even when they are lvl25+ at least knowing what gear they would help to know who to kick before they do anything rarted

I think in V1 you could literally see the different trinkets etc on the character model, which was pretty sweet.

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There is a sanctioned mod for that.

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Level does not mean skill, gear does not mean skill. If everyone could see everything it would just lead to a lot of bad kicking. I almost wish they made kicking harder and if people really care that much about min/maxing, then get friends and play with premade groups.

Or we could wish that they made a much better “LFG” tool, and being able to set requirements for the group, as well as other information, like if you plan to do challenges etc. This would be A LOT better.

Level doesn’t matter, i’ve had to carry quite a few games using my lower level characters (below level 20), while the other people were either between level 25 and 30.

Level does = skill gear does = skill
It shows how much time you have put in the game therefore how good you are at the game
Would you take level 4 pyro on champion missions?

Yes. They would already have reached the Power threshold on at least one character or they wouldn’t be able to join, so they would have at least moderate equipment already; they would be either an experienced player raising their non-mains so they would be able to contribute even without fully-leveled character or equipment, or they would be leveling their characters in more spread-out way, in which case they could maybe use advise, and it’s useful to go up the difficulties (at least to Champ) pretty fast when learning. In fact, I’ve done something like that before (with friends, but still).

And as illusions aren’t tied to equipment quality or level (aside from getting the blue glow from found reds only), you can’t really infer anything from the visuals of equipment one is carrying.

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I remember when I still played champion. We helped some folks level up with a few quick vet runs, and when a level 30 joined, we knew he/she was absolutely incapable.
On the other hand, a level 5 in champion was only a liability due to a lack of temp health, which now wouldn’t be a problem anymore.
That said, with the player list mod (which sadly everyone needs to have to see everything) and 3rd person equipment, there’s a lot to see, already.

Agreed, thank you for making me see it in a different way <3

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