Teammate equip display and weapon naming

I remember VT2 had a feature where you could press tab and see what gear your teammates use, any reasons why it isn’t in DT? Imo it’s more important than green circles, tired of telling people that I can’t get good stat version of weapons that I want to play.
Also I’d like to be able to name weapons, shouldn’t be hard to implement and it would be perfect for people who commit to their characters fully.

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And naming helps sorting :slight_smile:

Bonk-Stick for my Paul would be nice … but I guess Paul would be more obvious :smiley:


I think this was the intent of the pregame screen but they seem to have restricted it since beta to melee weapons only AND there was never a means of seeing what else they had. +its skipped for quickplay.

Genuinely a feature i’d like to see, though i no longer worry about what other players are bringing. If they’re good its rarely relevant.

Also, if I can name my weapons, I could find em at a glance, because my list of weapons is pretty big and Im tired of reading all the blessings on every weapon.