Display loadout with tab

So… I can accept that, in order to protect people from some allegued toxicity you’re hidding other players loadout. But I should be able to check back on my gear and feat mid game if needed. Ideally also the loadout of friends.

There is so many QoL features missing in this game compared to Vermintide. I’m still enjoying it and hopefull about it’s evolution but I hope getting all those thing in Dtide will be faster than for Vtide because I feel like we are missing around two years of devloppement (which is probably the fact so I can get it, but still).

I’m really hoping for an Equipment Station like the Medicae that would allow you to change loadout mid game. You know how sometimes you’re in a game, and your kit just isn’t working? Maybe the enemies that are spawing need a different approach, or maybe you have a better loadout that suits the current members of the squad. It would make PUGs a little more forgiving, and it would allow us to try multiple weapons in active combat.

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if agree that you should be able to see your loadout midgame, but not change it midgame. wouldnt recommend to have it at tab but rather hit esc and have access to current operative loadouts and skills like in the hub but without being able to change it and with only the stuff you currently wear.

i wouldnt agree on that change loadout midgame thing. and i would agree on the idea that viewing others loadouts has anything to do with toxicity, why is everybody so sensible nowadays anyway? i WANT to see others cool gear and its stats, if somebody would want to ***** about others gear they will anyway, no matter if they can actually see it or not, just like with the scoreboards where having none wont make the few toxic players stop ***** but rather make em ***** around or brag without anything to back it up, thats all nonsense.

It could be so easy to just have a VT2-esque gear/Feat check, and players could just, by standard, opt out of it.
Then everyone who doesn’t want people scrutinizing them can not participate, and people who want to brag with their shiny new item can proudly display it for probably no one to look it.
Everybody wins.

yes this is precisly what I’m hoping to have. Or even better, also the same as chaos waste on I to directly have the info in big.