New feature that I think alot of people would like

Made an account just for this.
I’m sure i’m not the first one to come up with this, but here it goes again.
I would be very cool if we could inspect other peoples weapons/items that they have.
Also be able to trade with them.
And also have a shared bank for all our ressources from different characters.


Yeah, being able to see loadouts during the ready-up screen would be very helpful. Helps you better come up with team-comps. If anything, it would also be really helpful to be able to switch characters during this screen.

And yes, shared resources is something that just about everyone on this sub wants. But Fatshark still isn’t really acknowledging it which is too bad.

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Shared resources is a common request. Seeing people’s equipment is a mod in VT2 so there may be one for darktide.