PLEASE add re-rolling v2

So Ive seen this somewhere already, but I dont know if FS talked about it…
But could we please get an option to select the properties we want when rolling, in exchange for some extra cost? I dont mind it being 50 green and 50 blue dust, or even more, as long as it saves me from re-rolling for hours to get the exact properties I want…


That was me.

Though after doing some simulations, It seems that rerolls can not only be frustrating, but require much more than 50 dust on average for some unlucky players (up to 200 green dust for 1 property set). So changing them is even more important.

Also I think this is the second most important change this game needs, right after green dust problem.

Not sure why the offering and invocation system was scrapped, the rng element could be annoying but it was infinitely better than what V2’s using.


i dont agree fully, vt1 invocation system = roll for 3 traits. the difficult part was getting 3 desired traits, because you could just roll for better stats on each until you get the maximum (they keep the highest roll). reds only have 2 variations on traits (which made a lot of people unhappy because flexibility of oranges were better than most red trait combos)

vt2 system = roll for 2 desired properties (i’m discounting traits because they’re easy to roll for and oranges are aplenty) with random stats. this is tough on orange gear because you might get the 2 desired properties but not the desired stats and they don’t keep the results.

BUT if you take reds into consideration… rerolling a red item is a lot easier since you’re just rolling for 2 desired properties.

the difficult part about vt2 is getting the desired red. rolling is the easy part imo.


Yeah all the crafting and gear complaints are tied together. We’re mad about how annoying it is to get specific reds because crafting is so annoying because we have no greens and vice versa. Either issue being fixed will help but hopefully they fix both.

That being said, Offering/Invocation feels better. More lore appropriate and it always feels like you’re honing your weapon where in V2 it’s just death by a thousand dice rolls.


the UI is definitely nicer and feels better =) i think it is faster too, and less straining because you don’t have to hold on to a button for 3 seconds every time, i think

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Its nice not having reds limited by two trait options, however offerings having the capability to keep the old traits or newly rolled ones was a superior system in my mind.

You could reroll an item as many times as you wanted and you never had to sacrifice already spent tokens or a reasonable roll for a worse roll.

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reds only had 2 trait sets though. you couldn’t reroll a red to have any trait combination you want in vt1. in vt2 it’s open for everything.

Yeah thats what i meant by that statement. Its nice that they’re not as restricted in V2.

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