Please Add a Safeguard to Salvaging Items. (Cosmetics)

I made this post originally on Steam. But I thought I’d put it here too.

Basically, I was mass-recycling things because I had reached gear level 295-300, and my backpack was full. I was getting rid of everything under level 295.

However, only after I had recycled everything, had I noticed that the game had nonchalantly thrown in cosmetics into the low-level mix.

I didn’t even know you could recycle cosmetics. And I didn’t know I could favorite them either. But I really don’t think favoriting them should be necessary to keep them.

Cosmetics are ridiculously rare as it is, and recycling them gives little to nothing back.

Luckily I do not believe they were any cosmetics that I actually used, but there were definitely even legendary cosmetics that got thrown into the recycler without my knowledge. Additionally, some were Bogenhafen cosmetics which I’m not sure I’ll be able to ever get back. And I’m a bit upset that the game let me do this so easily without warning me, and additionally how the cosmetics were mixed randomly within my low level items so they were easy to overlook.

My suggestion is to either remove the ability to recycle cosmetics completely (There’s absolutely no reason to. They give very little as a result and they are ridiculously hard to get.)

Or add some type of warning. Such as when you are recycling, a message pops up saying:

“Are you sure you want to recycle? You will lose the following:
Red Item(s)”

I don’t want to have to deal with dodging cosmetics in the recycler or favoriting every new cosmetic I get.


Only the cosmetics that drop from commendation chests are salvageable the rest does not show up in the menu.
Why those are salvageable in the first place is a mystery. Fatshark was made well aware of this.


Hover your mouse over your cosmetic and hit “F” on the keyboard. It’s now marked as a “Favorite” and can not be broken down. This works for any item btw. Doesn’t matter if you don’t think it’s necessary, it’s there to prevent exactly this…


Cosmetics should not ever come up in the salvage screen. Why Fatshark don’t make that simple change… who knows. They seem to like to troll players with bad game mechanics.

Quick plays deliberately choosing levels that players skip the most, trait rerolling picking the same trait you are trying to get rid of, wasting your time restarting a map when losing the host instead of going back to the keep, not giving you the option to restart when your party fails a map.

A cynical person might think these things are deliberate in order to synthetically push up player time in the game and that EAC’s primary reason to exist is to enforce the grind…


We use to get duplicate cosmetics. So you were able to break them down for dust…


You are assuming that shatfark are way more ingenious than they actually are. Never assign to malice what can much more easily be explained by incompetence.


You can mark cosmetics as not being salvageable by favoriting them in the cosmetics menu. Some people might not care about cosmetics and want to scrap them. I fail to see the problem here; you can protect items or salvage them. They just leave the option to you.

I swear to god, if they just made them unsalvageable we’d have people complaining about that and others calling Fatshark stupid and incompetent for not letting us salvage them if we wanted to.


That makes sense I guess. But duplicate cosmetics no longer drop AFAIK and at the current rate I’m getting hats I would have to play the game for another 5 years to have any hope of collecting them all. There is no reason to scrap cosmetics so they should just remove that ability.

Yet some people do want to scrap their cosmetics, so you’d just remove functionality because you don’t like it.

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The proper way to handle this under the current system is to simply mark all hats as favourite items by default. That way you eliminate the possibility of the average player scrapping hats by accident and no one will ever complain about the “buggy” interface that puts hats at risk in the first place.

Anyone who wants to scrap their hats for some unfathomable reason can still do so if they make the extra effort to go and un-favourite that specific hat. They are the minority (if they exist at all, which I doubt) and they should be the ones that have to expend extra effort.


I didn’t know you could favorite items. I know now. After I have been told by the community, after salvaging said items.

If that doesn’t say something, I don’t know what does.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t think it’s necessary, it’s there to prevent exactly this…

You do know that many games try to prevent problems, but their ways of preventing those problems are not effective at all? That fits perfectly with this situation. You can have a favorite feature which you never let your players know about except through other players finding it out randomly and sharing the info around, and you can force your players to favorite every new cosmetic they get. But I’d argue that’s dishonest and making the player more than they should have to. It’s completely unintuitive.

There is also absolutely no reason why you should be able to salvage cosmetics unless they are duplicates. But cosmetics are so rare, I don’t see why they would even allow them to have duplicates, or why the game wouldn’t deal with that itself. Cosmetics are static items. They don’t level, they don’t have stats… So recycle one of them, and lock the other one so you can’t get rid of it. There’s no reason to get rid of cosmetics.

Cosmetics shouldn’t be recyclable. You could argue that it hurts player’s freedom of choice. I’d argue it’s an absolutely stupid feature that causes far more harm than it does good, a situation in which people wish they had restrictions over freedom. When’s the last time ANYONE was like “oh thank goodness I can recycle this incredibly rare cosmetic and probably never get it again and receive only a couple scraps and dust from it?” I’ll tell you: No one. However, there are people that are like: “Where the hell did my cosmetic go? Did I accidentally scrap it? I didn’t even know that was a feature.” Which, in this game would be much more believable, because Fatshark has a knack for not telling their players some pretty vital information.


I swear to god, if they just made them unsalvageable we’d have people complaining about that and others calling Fatshark stupid and incompetent for not letting us salvage them if we wanted to.

I would have to disagree with every fiber in my body. You can get everything you need from salvaging weapons. If Fatshark handed out one cosmetic of each type, no duplicates, and didn’t allow them to be salvaged, people would be like: “Oh, ok.” They wouldn’t be complaining that they can’t get that one legendary scrap from that incredibly rare cosmetic, when they can easily do a run and earn a couple legendary weapons or trinkets to scrap.

You can mark cosmetics as not being salvageable by favoriting them in the cosmetics menu. Some people might not care about cosmetics and want to scrap them. I fail to see the problem here; you can protect items or salvage them. They just leave the option to you.

Not once do they even mention the favorite feature. And if you were to favorite cosmetics, you have to go and equip every single character you earn a new cosmetic for and favorite that item, just to switch back to your original character. It’s a pain to equip new gear already, but having to favorite every single cosmetic that comes in because the game can’t protect them for you? That just adds on to the unintuitive game design.

There’s no real option you have, until you learn from some other player that the favorite feature even exists. And by that time you’ve probably already made a mistake.

Also, people who don’t care about cosmetics? Then don’t use them. I’m sure they won’t mind if the cosmetics are just there. If they are freaking out because of the lack of option to salvage cosmetics, which are completely different from weapons and trinkets , because they want that 2 uncommon, rare, or legendary dust that they can easily get from weapons… that’s simply the price to pay for working for the majority of the players. Which would be implementing an intuitive system which prevents you from salvaging cosmetics due to how rare they are.

However, something I believe we both might be able to agree upon which I just thought of while typing this…This would not be a problem if Fatshark didn’t just throw cosmetics into the mix of your normal gear. There should be a separate tab or filter specifically for if you want to salvage cosmetics. That way it would avoid throwing cosmetics in the midst of your low level gear and it wouldn’t force you to waste your time favoriting every cosmetic you get. You would have to intentionally have to go into that tab and put cosmetics into the recycler, from a tab which is dedicated to cosmetics.

Gear and cosmetics are different. Treat them differently.

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I hope you don’t mind me saying that, though I agree with you about the ‘Favorite’ feature being used to prevent this, protecting cosmetics from the salvage-system wouldn’t be (overly) difficult to implement and could certainly save people some heartache!

I have forgotten to favorite a couple items I proceeded to salvage and instantly regretted it, so I feel like there are good arguments for both sides.

This being said: is it possible to get the same cosmetic twice in VT2? I haven’t ever gotten a duplicate, but I also suppose I haven’t played such a vast amount that I am too likely to have it happen to me. Thanks in advance!

I think you hit the nail on the head with the ‘All hats as Favorite by default’ bit. Admittedly, I am one of the players who likes hoarding aesthetics of any and all kinds, but I would appreciate the extra level of protection to certain pieces of gear. I am willing to bet that, somewhere down the line, we will all make the mistake of scrapping an awesome item in one way or another.

This being said: I am posting because I hope that FatShark is willing to take notice of this solution. It allows people who dislike clutter to scrap the stuff they dislike while also preventing someone idly destroying their brand-new ‘Dragon Horns’ for Bardin!

Just so you know, you can also favourite the cosmetics your current career can’t wear. Still have to switch hearoes when doing it for all of them, but not through all of the 15 careers.

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That’s fair about not mixing them with normal gear - but the game does actually tell you can favorite things in loading screen tooltips. You can also favorite headgear for a character’s other careers by going to cosmetics - even hats for other careers are there, just faded out. You can still use F to favorite them. Seems like all they really need is a MORE obvious tool tip.

I can get being really peeved because you’ve done it, but the fact is - they’ve IMPLEMENTED a system for this, and yes - some people do scrap helms. Either they don’t like them or they have dupes or just don’t care at all about them.

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Why are cosmetics even displayed in the inventory in the first place?

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Up above is the following:

Basically, in VT1, you could pull the same cosmetic multiple times. It follows that you should be able to scrap spares in VT1 and they were probably rolling with the same system with some cosmetics in VT2. We also note up above that we don’t think you can get duplicates in VT2… but some people still like scrapping the gear they don’t want.

I guess the question is really: Why are they treated differently to portait borders, illusions and skins? The drop rate is so low and there are (suspected to be) no duplicates. No one is going to miss that one dust they get for salvaging a hat, so why is it a salvageable item instead of just being an option on the cosmetics menu like the others?

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This is exactly the same thing that I was thinking about. Headgear is cosmetics, they have a separate screen for equiping them just like armor skins, portraits. They should definitely not be salvagable.

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