Salvage duplicate skins from bögenhafen

Issue Summary:
after the update all my skins were selectable for salvage
yet when i tryed to salavge the duplicate skins i got from the bögenhafen strongboxes
it would not let me salvage it.

it just give me a weird noise when i click the salvage button

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. have a duplicate skin (body armor for witchhuntercapatain in my case)
  2. select it for salvage salvage

Reproduction Rate :
Constant (100%)

should logs or something be required please let me know will post them then

Workaround: You can mark them with f as favorite and they won’t show up any longer to salvage.

thats not a workaround, i want to get rid of them
a workaround would let me get to the desired result on a diffrent path
your suggestion doesnt fix or workaround the problem
it hides it

We will run a script soon which will clear out duplicate hero skins. The bug is that they do appear in the salvage window. We’ll fix that, too.

Can you remove all cosmetics from there?

thanks for clearing that up

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