Please Add a Safeguard to Salvaging Items. (Cosmetics)

I think @TarnilCorvax mentions exactly that above. I agree with both him and you and I think it isn’t even all of the hats: it’s a subset of hats that they have added in as time went on (speculation, I can’t scrap my origin/collectors edition headgear).

This being said, I can see a reason for people wanting to salvage them. There are certain players (myself included depending on the subject) that want to reduce clutter to the point where there is only the thing I am wearing and the thing I just looted. That’s why I believe this would be a great solution:

The best part about it is that it gives every player the ability to choose and that no one is forced to act one way or another… we are safeguarded against salvaging and anyone who wants to salvage… can!

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I read many, many tool tips. I cannot recall the last time I came across one that said that.

That doesn’t mean it didn’t appear, or that I didn’t read it. That simply means the game didn’t make enough of an impression on me to teach me that feature. Additionally, I probably had nothing I wouldn’t want to get rid of at the time really. (Except for my cosmetics, but I didn’t even know I could get rid of them.)

They implement a feature that prevents these kinds of negative outcomes, but they make little to no effort to let the players know about it.

You can’t just have something lying inside of your game, obscure as can be, and when something unsatisfactory happens, you just go “haha, you can’t blame us, because you can prevent that!” Well, what effort did they make to inform the players they could even do that? Well… It’s one of hundreds of tooltips, which you don’t even read all the time.

Think about the outcomes for everyone though, not just yourself. If you want to salvage every cosmetic you get (Which is only clutter because they include them in the midst of your gear) except for the one you will wear at all times, that’s the exception, not the norm. Many people enjoy collecting cosmetics not just because it looks good in your inventory, but also because people’s tastes can change. Additionally, along the road when you earn more cosmetics, you might realize a certain combination which you enjoy.

Think about the outcome here. If they were to implement a check system:

  1. Someone takes less than a second to confirm they wish to salvage an incredibly rare item for a minute amount of dust they can easily earn through other means, pretty much they just need to get any level chest and open it and they will likely get that amount of dust or more.

If it continues how it is now:

  1. Someone accidentally (Without even having much fault that can even be directed their way, given how there is no instruction on how to favorite items, that you even can, or that for some odd reason cosmetics are treated the same as gear) salvages a gear item, whether they want it or not (Though of course the problem is much greater if they want it) which takes many, many hours to obtain given how rare they are.

You can make arguments for either side. But think about the entire playerbase, as a whole, not just what is most convenient for you. I personally recognize when a game acknowledges its playerbase, or just understands how to properly implement certain aspects of the game (If cosmetics are incredibly rare, they should be either impossible to get rid of, or have some different classifications so they are not as easy to get rid of as incredibly common gear.)

I very clearly was thinking of others. I said “I can get being really peeved because you’ve [accidentally scrapped a cosmetic you wanted].” That was empathizing with someone in a situation different from my own.

You’re doing the exact same thing you’re accusing me of; some people do want to scrap cosmetics. Either they don’t care, want the mats more, or just don’t like that particular one. I’m not actually a person who does that, I like them well enough. Was quite excited to get a full face-helmet for Kruber (which I favorited immediately because I’ve seen the tooltip).

You’re being a bit hostile to anyone who doesn’t agree with you entirely, and I don’t think it’s helping the conversation.

I will say the same thing I said before:
Seems like all they really need is a MORE obvious tool tip.”

That would literally solve the entire problem and not require programming in extra safe-guards. A pop-up when you hover over a red or cosmetic that says “press F to favorite and prevent scrapping”. Just for the people who don’t read tool tips.

I know an “are you sure?” thing seems small, easy to do. But there are also five million other small, easy to do little things like that that COULD be added to the game (and to any game, to be fair) that would be nice quality of life features. The fact that the tools to prevent the issue you talk about already exist kind of puts this idea as a lot less important on the list, IMO.

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