Playing pug legend is hard, especially when there is so few viable weapons

I’m not suggest to make legend easy. What i want is to game be little bit more variable. And abbreviating weapons for players because “we see that way, and “balance paper” says that everything is ok” is shiet. FS you need to hold current playerbase, because small playerbase wont give you enough money for continuing your work. Shift of meta will be a problem, but in comparison to lose another 50% of players, meta is not a problem. Just do not buff extremely.
And ask players what weapon and how better to buff it. It’s hard to find a needed guy(s), that will provide needed info with evidence, but it’s better than to guess to “what to do with this random weapon” or not doing anything. Its a chore to me to play same class, but same class with same weapons is preposterous.
I also work at creating a game, and i DO find that playing and understanding game is tiresome part of creating it, so having someone to help you, especially those, who understands it more deeply, than you, is better than count on your own with game that you are tired of hearing 24/7.
That happen to my guys at work, that happened to DE, and as soon as they asked other people to help, it just got better. Don’t afraid to ask help from your fans.