Its been 6 months

And there is still to many of you that do not play anymore lurking here, giving terrible advice, trying to do god knows what.

To many of you confusing bugs/balance, with skill/experience, and having issues with very basic stuff like a dog.

I think its time you move on, and accept that the game is not for you, and leave the game to the people that are enjoying it, and the developers to develop in peace.

You are a minority, and hardly represent the feelings of the playerbase as a whole, you are not even 1% of it.

So in the spirit of new beginnings I share with you a quote from the Emperor…

“Play the game or GTFO”


I’ve seen the posts your on about and your right but there are such a tiny amount of people left playing this game now that’s probably not accurate anymore.


You mean the most buggy enemy in the game, which (aside from lag issues) can bounce straight up in the sky after you stagger it, just to land on top of you without any real countermeasure to that?

You should have said „basic stuff like a trappers“ because trappers are pretty easy to avoid and not very buggy.


I quit playing over a month ago after realizing that Fatshark can render weapons you work so hard to craft completely useless over night. Yes, I am pissed about the power sword and flamer nerfs. Not because the nerfs weren’t justified (that is debatable). But because if they can do it to those weapons, what is going to stop them from nerfing any other weapons?

Since they refuse to remove locks, investing time into crafting is a complete waste when the weapons you grind for can be changed on a whim and rendered obsolete.


OP seems to be doing alot of projecting on the post.

To make OP feel good about their opinion we should make it so the dogs also teleport onto you when you can be around corners, are immune to most stagger means, pushes not register, and bug out and fly into the air!l…oh wait they already do that!


What’s funny is how much the conversation on reddit and this forum slowed down after the nerf.
Loads of people just disappeared. Almost as if they had never existed in the first place. Not just the people who didn’t want the nerf the ones who had actively campaigned for it every day for months just stopped posting.

Something changed after that nerf and the game and the forums related to it feel more like a wasteland afterwards.


So why is the majority of the players who are all enjoying the game giving it such bad reviews?
Your argument doesn’t have much basis, the state of this game and the popular opinion of it are not some secret whispered in an echo chamber, it’s all out in the open & public knowledge…


Im going to get my moneys worth one way or another. If yoy want me to do anything you must pay me.

Maybe the people actively criticising the game are a minority.
But people that aren’t satisfied with the game, the crafting or the lack of content are definitly more than just 1%.
Also most people have stopped caring about the game, as the time has passed and nothing really changed. The last people that are still standing, your so called 1%, are the people that probably care the most about the game and want a healthy playerbase.



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Yes, because it’s impossible to enjoy the game unless certain people remain silent on the official forums.

Yes, because they are wasting so much time with all this engagement with the community, that the features and content are being delayed.

Please FS, stop this over-saturated communication with the community. They are just distracting you from developing this game.
Please no more QnA sessions every week, blog posts that explain game mechanics (what is “power”, who is “infested” etc.), quit it with all these roadmaps, explaining your design intent™ and certainly stop it with all the public polls where you go super transparent with taking input from the community.

There, hope that’s enough sarcasm for you.



Small duck energy post.

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I see 304 people who say otherwise.


I gotta say that it may be because of many things, but in my opinion the biggest reason is that there not much to talk about anymore, we can just repeat talks about the same problems over and over again, for example the RNG stuff that comes up every single day, but why bother, it doesn’t seem like it matters.

Everything major has been said.

Also, me personally, I am fine with how the game is right now, still a bit clunky, but now it’s fine.

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The fact you think dogs aren’t still broken suggests that you’re the one who isn’t playing anymore.

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I am the only person playing darktide still. Everyone else quit.


Sounds like V2 Launch Leeches. They could teleport inside of you and hit you with an un-counterable melee

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Absolutely correct.

Everyone else i was playing with has quit already and i refuse to engage with this “crafting” (lord make it so) system until they at least add red weapons and remove locks. I aint grinding for something i want, only for it to be nerfed to garbage because sweats with way too many in-game hours cried about it on reddit.


Slowed down but we have new nerf whine, as i predicted right after the PS and Flamer nerfs.

Now they are crying about the Bolter, BM and the Shredder pistol.