Playing Darktide changes my keyboard's keybinding s outside of game

Issue Description:
After the 22 November Update playing Darktide for any real amount of time [as in, playing at least one round] numerous keybindings on my keyboard have changed, outside the game. After the game has closed.

I’ll press [SHIFT '] for " and get @

and @ gets " (as one example)

Can easily fix it by going to Settings, Time and Language, Language, Keyboard and just clicking a different option to what was active during the game, and instantly re-selecting the old option. So not a big issue.

Steps to Reproduce:
Playing the game for at least one round.
Alt-Tabbing is often performed so this may, or may not, influence this.

Steam on PC

Player ID:
Steam Community :: ThrownIntoSol)

Reproduction Rate:
Half the Time (~50%)