Keybindings not being remembered


I use a french keyboard, and so my WASD keys are actually ZQSD.
I prefer changing the keybindings whenever I can instead of just using Alt+Shift (to switch keyboard layout to QWERTY) so that I can also actually type.

This works fine in Vermintide, but every time there is a loading screen, I have to open the settings, and reapply the settings - they are saved as ZQSD but for some reason revert to WASD. I just change “move forward” from [Z] to [Z], apply, and everything works fine again ; but I have to do it at the beginning of every map and every time I go back to the inn.

I do have to rebind everything if I restart the game.
Is there a file where the keybindings are saved in which I could manually edit the defaults ?

I don’t know if you still support the game and go for fixes, but you have the info :slight_smile: .

Sounds like a config file is set to read only. You can find those in " %APPDATA%\Fatshark\Vermintide 2" on Windows
The game is still being supported, there is an expansion coming soon-ish, but keep in mind that FatShark is a small studio, so things might take a bit longer than expected

This is the Vermintide 1 section :blush:

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