Game Forgets Sensitivity and Keybinds if I Tab Out


After experiencing numerous engine crashes, I’ve stumbled across a strange issue.

If I tab out of Verm on live realm only, my game will forget all my keybindings and mouse sensitivity settings (even though the UI says nothing has changed). I am using a G502 Proteus Spectrum.

The only way to fix is to dump my user settings config file and not tabbing out of the game window.

Happy to provide more info (logs, etc.) if needed.

I use the same mouse, has the G-Hub started in the background - can it be seen in the system tray?
Make sure that the “user_settings.config” is not write-protected:
C:\Users_YOUR_NAME_\AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2

Yes, same thing happens with or without G-Hub. Mouse is recognized. Settings work outside of Verm, just not in Verm. Not sure why. Config file is not write-protected.

Wonder if @Axloss would be able to help with this.

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