Game refuses to read keyboard input in specific situation

Issue Description:
I have not very correct working mechamical keyboard, where some keys sometimes make double input. It is so rare so i almost never have troubles in regular chatting, and during play in most games (except games where double click on movement key make some different action instead just movement).

BUT in Darktide happens something really wierd.
During play on mission game blocks input from some keys. At all. I can not move or pick weapon.
W, S, 2, E, R
all at once or partitially.
Looks like game scans extra fast repeated input and blocks keys completely.

Input become blocked in whole system. Even If I minimise Darktide window, open Notepad, i’ll see no correct input. But when I exit mission, everything go back to good as it can be again.

This appeared only in recent weeks, I had double input issue for years, but this trash become happen in game only recently.

I had same problem year ago in Vermintide, and even changed control layout to different side of keyboard. But later problem in game disappeared, while I had literally same keyboard wit hsame specific.

Crash Report (If Applicable):
no crash

Error Displayed (If Applicable):
no error

Steps to Reproduce:
To have chineese keyboard with red switches

Mission Name (If Applicable):
any mission.
But in Lobby Mourningstar this not happen.
After loading out of mission, problem not happen also.


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Do you have anything on your PC that could be interfering with your input? More precisely I seem to recall there being some SteelSeries software that could at times hinder a player’s input in Vermintide. The SteelSeries Engine I think.

i dont have special soft for keyboard or mouse or other input.

Bloody a9 mouse, Motospeed ck104 keyboard

Gigabyte motherboard drivers have option to reprogramm keyboard input, but i do not use it.