Playing at least 600 games per Weave Season is really super absurd grinding

I don’t think i can do this even if there are seasons per 3 month

600 games? really? what is the point of this?

Weave gives us just essences

Basically, no reward


I agree, it’s ridiculously much. But I guess fatshark doesn’t expect us to actually play all 15 careers per weave. Like they don’t expect people to do 100 missions on 15 careers to get the hats. That, or they just don’t like us as players and want us to grind their game forever to keep us ‘interested’.


Well the current maximum rewards require you to reach weave 120 once for the potrait frame. Rest of the stuff is basically just extra commendation boxes so you really technically only need that 1 character to push with.

Given that it’s approximately 6-9 months between significant updates, I doubt the amount of time will present a bigger obstacle than simple boredom.

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