Ranked Weave Rewards

Last season was pretty poor in terms of rewards and I, and most of the people I know were pretty upset with a simple 1-st season recolor, that we got instead of unique portrait frames. And as long as we played basicly the same maps, but with different spawns, did not give any more fun into it. I can understand that game mode is not that popular and you don’t wanna waste the time and effort on making new maps for the weaves. But why are you feeding us the exact same frame, painted in orange at the third time? Even a “new” one for 160 weaves is not really unique. It’s just slightly changed frame for 120. Is it really hard to make 5 frames ones in a 6 mounth? Or I don’t understand something in game industry? This is really bad idea with this recolors, and no fun at all doing the same annying maps in the 4-th time for just a simple recolor. Considering that you’re making them easier from season to season… To make this game mode popular, I would suggest to allow people get decent and unique portrait frames, weapons skins or hats on heroes. This can motivate people go there. But with this abhorant “rewards” far less people will go and play it.


I don’t know about easier (I only got the first 40 weaves in season 1) but yeah, expecially the fact that now you need 160 weaves to clear them really sucks.
In my humble opinion the ranked weaves should be just for premade who care abou rank. It’s bad enough to find people for them, it’s worse to have rewards tied to them and only a limited amount of time to play them.
I’d like to try them with my friends but they know they won’t have time to reach 120 in a few months - and now it’s even worse.

I otherwise enjoy challenges - fortunes of war has been my favorite VT moment, but that works only because it’s a single challenge, not 160 - each few months.

I’ve only done qp weaves in season 3 for the frame, and because frankly that’s much better than going ranked. I might try qp this season too, but frankly, 40 qps for a color reskin frame is too much.

Weaves need a much bigger overhaul than deeds do to be enjoyable. And the seasonal system - as the idea of leaderboards itself, really fit vermintide quite badly.


They have decreased the difficulty of weaves at some points. For example, in season 1 beast weave was regenerating totems every time you crush them on the map. In season 2 totems stop restoring on the map, only in final arena you cared about them. And in season 3 you just had to destroy them once and can complitely forget about them. Beast weave just became a regular map. Because at the end event you can just crush the totems before the fight even starts. Death wind also was nerfed. Season 1 death balls was doing a lot of damage and could kill you. But in season 2 they just did damage to your green hp, giving white instead. Some maps became more suitable for fight with sertain modifiers. And yeah, it’s was hard to find people in season 3, because most of my friends just refused to go there just for a recolor.


I knew about some of those changes, I just meant I couldn’t really comment based on my experience.
What about the crazyness of high ranked weaves? Thinking of cata 2-3. Does it get less crazy?

My biggest gripe with them - besides finding willing people - was that the only way to get through them was to use cheesy strategies which don’t really appeal to me, because they make the game feel very unnatural.
I’ve yet to find someone who finished them who says he enjoyed them. Those of my friends who have cleared them hated them, and I seem to remember even the top team from S1 commented how they weren’t fun.

Cata 3 starst from 81 and lasts till 120. Afterwards you get cata 3 with increased damage modifiers. In season one this started from 101, as I recall. And in general it was harder than season 3 for example. It was fun at the beginning, but afterwards it just became a grinding nightmare. Specially when you repeat the same 40 maps 3 times (4 for this season). The reduction of weaves would also be very nice. But I guess it will never happen and FS just gonna abandone this game mode and put effort into new content.

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I don’t think they’ll “abandon” it, as requesting to grind 200 more weaves for a couple of recolor is quite a good effort/hours of “content” ratio on their part. But yeah, it’s awful.

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Has everyone seen the “new”, “unique” Season 4 frames? I just want to collect them, right?

In general, I regret it more and more. Good frames were in Season 2. It was worth it to put in more effort and get them all. But it’s too late.

You can blame the 1% community.

From what I heard, they were the ones who asked for Weaves.

That’s why the rewards are only frames and leaderboard bragging rights.

As much as I enjoyed the few Weaves I’ve played, it’s so poorly implemented and not friendly at all to non-premade groups.

Great idea. Terrible execution.

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Dunno who asked for the level 160 rewards but I know its not me and my weave group,

the first 3 seasons we rushed to 120 to get our frame only to not touch weaves again

but now we are gonna go for the 160 one because who dosnt wana be in the cool kids club


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As far as I know, no one asked for weaves. Didn’t the Devs do a blog post where they said they got the idea from Diablo rifts or something. As far as I know, no one asked for weaves. And you can see the response to them in older forum posts… Pretty much no one was excited for them. If anything, people thought it was gonna be a new game mode with select parts of maps combined and a boss fight at the end of each. Other people speculatEd it was maps reversed and combined together for a new QP mode.

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Secret Discord Group

Not even them liked the weaves. It’s just that Fatshark hasn’t still figured out that if we wanted other games/game modes we woldn’t be on Vermintide so much…

I was in that group, we didn’t ask for weaves. We were asked to test them. Can’t believe that nonsense is still floating around years later lol. And it wasn’t a secrete discord group or forum group, it was just a few people off the forums, steam and reddit who were asked to test them. And it wasn’t secrete as people in the group could invite others in. That was more the community hero’s fault for not inviting more people in.


It was a quote in a PC Gamer article, and also a very vague comparison since Rifts were randomized and effectively endlessly scaling.

Their idea for weaves - the static puzzle challenge that the community excitedly tries to solve - obviously got met with the hard reality that they were not only too hard for the vast majority of players but also neither motivating to replay nor sufficiently rewarding (a few frames that non-weave-players won’t even recognise?)

I’ve only completed around a 100 weaves since their release. They’re a nice occasional distraction when the wind+level combinations are still kinda fresh to you, but I can’t imagine how repetitive it must be for people doing 41-120 every season, let alone going up to 160 when everything one-shots you.

I hope they learned from this for Chaos Wastes and give it a more well-thought-out reward structure, but I’m not sure how much point there is in “fixing” WEAVES at this point in the game’s lifetime. They can add a way to unlock weave weapon skins, but then what?

You have any transcripts or screenshots of this? I knew someone in that discord group and he claims something else entirely but it doesn’t matter because the majority of people were not in that group and therefore have no idea what actually went on.

You mean a year later, right? Winds of Magic was supposedly worked on for half a year and released August 2019. Idk where you’re getting years from…

I hope so, too. I am a tad bit worried it’s going to be another separate game mode.


Do you honestly think Fatshark asked us on discord what we wanted, and the 100 or so people in that group all said, “give us weaves”. And then fatshark made them in only a few hours after that chat was made. Then we tested them for 1 month before WoM was released?

Or is more plausible that fatshark had weaves in development for months and then invited us to a discord to test it? To be clear as well, we were testing the weaves at the same time as the public was. We were just in a private discord.

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No, because it didn’t have a name then but there were people who gave Fatshark the idea all the way in 2018 to make:

End game content
Separate game mode
Diablo Rifts style

Read the highlighted part. Cropped to protect the user.

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I’ve also been asking for genevieve to be added to the game for years. People have suggested a lot of things. The discord group was made to test the weave content after it had already been made. We didn’t suggest it and then they made it for us.

As for weave rewards, I dunno. I don’t really play them so I’m not sure what a decent reward would be. I dunno if there’s anything that could force me to play them for rewards.

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Most likely not being approved by GW.

lol okay

To be fair, end game content, rift like mode was not a bad idea. The execution is not great, that’s all.

Why not join the Fatshark Discord https://discord.gg/K6gyMpu