Ranked Weave Rewards

What’s difference between skin, hat and portrait? All are same. Just cosmetics.
I expected kind of gear grinding game mode when i first heard of weave. Sad that was not.

If reward should be changed, need something that require repetitive play. Not just cosmetic given once. So that people who cleared once would help each other.

I think personally, portrait is not that bad. FS is bad on skin things. As FPS game, skin is not that important either. Weapon skin would be cool though, I don’t that like weave weapon skin.

I want just FS address weave progression problem so that many can try for at least existing reward.

It was a gear grinding mode.
Athanor was supposed to completely reset each season. You did get double digit essences when repeating weaves and Iam 95% sure that essence from normal games was also added later on. You advanced and upgraded weapons and amulet while you did so.

There is nothing good about grinding gear, nor fun.

Weaves main problem is people not having enough friends to play them with, not the rewards. You still need a secondary platform to find people to play ranked weaves with and there is little to no benefit in replaying done weaves, which makes it really hard for people to catch up. Until this flawed system finally sees some new Ideas and fixing, just having a frame for that whole mess is more than enough.

QP Weaves on the other side should totally reward dust, or skins in boxes. That way people would get drawn more into them. You might even find a couple that would try doing the Ranked grind with you.

I agree that problem right now is not the reward. What I meant by gear grinding mode was diablo like endless looter game. Gear can be reset though there should be special items. Meaning totally different genre. This is just my preference and thought this would be cool with vermintide.

Totally agree. I’m convinced that the only way to make weaves appeal to a mass audience is to make them scripted single player levels with maybe a grabber (hook rat, assassin, leech) escape mechanic QTE. This is kinda antithetical to the whole co-op ethos of VT2, but having hundreds of weaves that require full teams to complete will never work for the majority of the playerbase who simply do not play in pre-made teams.

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I think the current rewards couldn’t be worse. They are simple recolorings and for the QP Weaves they even forgot to change the symbol from Hysh to Aqshy. To me, this just shows once again that FS is really just keeping the entire game mode on the back burner. Why not, most copies were sold anyway.
In my opinion it’s also no problem at all to simply recolor the frames, but then FS could have at least added a little animation, glitter effects for the white Hysh frames or a slight blaze for the current red Aqshy frames. We know that the possibility exists, since the Festively Frozen, Wolf of Winter and Deathwalker frame, but why this is not further used remains a mystery to me.
In my opinion, FS could/should at least give a minimum of credit to the people who fight their way through the Weaves, because it really is very time consuming (if you don’t know every trick and trick to cheat your way through the levels). But to present the player with something like the last 2 seasons is simply the highest form of disrespect.

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