Player left -> Bot resurrected

  • Player ran off solo and bit off more than he could chew
  • Player died
  • Player respawned
  • Player got bored of waiting (he spawned really far away) and left the game while we were fighting a horde
  • Bot immediately teleported to us and was no longer dead

I’m guessing it maybe had something to do with the bot wanting to teleport to someone who’s “in need” routine? And did that before it realized it was actually dead maybe?

console-2018-09-02-16.46.33-D62CA6DD-49B9-4EA3-9058-43BB.log (2.3 MB)

It occurred in (what should be) the last map in that log file, Fort B. We were in the tunnel leading up to the first grim, fighting a horde when the other guy bailed.

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Was it the merc bot?


Had this about 3 times in all games. It’s a rare issue and can work the other way too.
I joined a QP and replaced an actually dead bot. The Chat was like “oh wtf etc.” That’s why i know that.
It happened everytime, if someone is the last man standing and someone leave/join atm he/the bot dies. (My experience)

Hi krindi, thanks for the report. I have added it to our internal bug tracking database.

I now have player left -> bot died again
So I revived a dude and he must have lost connection or left during or afterwards anyway the bot was on the ground again (respawn not downed).

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