Skittergate Bot disappeared ---> No special spawn

We played a duo-legend run on skittergate. One bot (Kruber) stayed inside the portal section and didn’t come out in Norsca. He didn’t die, just stayed there over almost the whole map in full health.
He teleported back to us on the lifting platform on the way down where you destroy the three generators.
The strange thing with his absence was, that not even a single special had spawned (!) over the whole map since his disappearance!!
We didn’t notice anything strange after he ported back to us.

  • Played Skittergate again later, couldn’t reproduce this issue. He stayed with the party.
  • This was the only time this has happend.

So @FatsharkJulia, why some reports get acknowledged, receive ‘not a bug’ or ‘need more info’ tags, while others are just left there like you never read it?
Courtesy, you don’t just wait until they are automatically closed due to inactivity so the team won’t have to deal with it, do you? That would be just terrible gesture
So why then?

@Mentis I do a complete run-through of the posts made here in ‘Bugs’ once a week. My run-through for this week will be done this afternoon.

I have multiple other platforms to cover but I do skim through ‘Bugs’ once a day to look for blocker issues, issues that I know have already been raised or those that need more information, and mark accordingly.

This is obviously not the case. Take is a quick look over the posts that are older than a week old and it’s immediately obvious that nothing has been ignored, so I’m not sure why you’d say that.

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Ah, it’s good to hear
Keep it up, and thanks for your hard work!

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