Bots die in Skittergate (beta)

Please include as much information as possible in the description of your issue and include: On the beta patch client, bots are dying when transition into and out of the portal on Skittergate. As soon as you phase into the portal, the bot will teleport to you in a downed state. Same thing happens when you exit the portal into Norsca. The bot we had at the time was bounty hunter Saltz.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue: Play on beta, have bots
  • How consistently the issue occurs for you: Every time
  • Screenshots and/or video evidence

If reporting a crash, please do so within the ‘Technical Support’ sub-category and include the crash report produced.

Is this with the new patch, too?

Ya I probably should have included that this was on the beta patch. I’ll edit it.

Fixed according to patch notes when experimental went live.

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