Played a few Cataclysm matches

And what do i see that i truly did not expect to after reading the comments about the cata playerbase? Proof that some things just stay the same no matter which difficulty you look at in this game, like people trying to fight a troll while standing with their back to a cliff/river. :rofl:

During two runs with different teams at that.

During the second time when it finally sunk in what the heck i was looking at i almost fell my chair laughing at the sheer absurdity of it all… there are people in Cataclysm who have no figured out that it´s bad to stand in the proverbial fire :rofl:

Or even the literal one, actually watched a huntsman just die for the sake of doing more damage to a stormfiend all while…well standing in the fire with room to escape. And to add insult to his mortal injury that Stormfiend wasn’t even halfway dead when Mr Huntsman himself went down.

It has been very comforting to see that people in Cata are the same goofballs i got to know in legend, may you all remain ever so confident and random :rofl:


What is the point of this thread?

All I see is you bashing other players. Nothing here is informative or helpful.


TL;DR: some cata players bad :rofl:

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Hence it´s a lounge post, it needs no real point : P

But the intent was not to bash players as much as a budding perspective among them i assure you, for as it happens i have during my time stalking the forums and internet and even in game encountered groups of people with a couple of particular ideas.

“Legend is filled with toxic garbage, Cata is where all the chill and skillful players are”

“You havent played through everything on Cata? N00b”

This, is what i was taking shots at if anything, the idea was to point out that for all the posturing that goes on among at least a few Cata players the playerbase in there vs Legend seems to be exactly the same from my perspective.

And although there certainly are bad eggs its still a playerbase i am quite fond off between the random epic fails to the sudden moments of acting like they´re kung-fu masters in a movie decimating an army of goons&their boss with absolute ease.

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People just say that cata is less toxic and that most players in cata play for the game and don’t care that much about loot.

When people say this, it’s a comparison of their experiences between legend and cata, this doesn’t mean there are no toxic player in cata, or players that rush ahead. This also doesn’t mean there are no team players in legend.


I dont mind people saying things, i do mind the way they say it though, and what i in this case took an issue with was people acting like elitists trying to put cata and it´s playerbase on a pedestal while putting the legend base down…likely in the pursuit of some ego boost.

This manifests in game too!

Thus i could not help but find it quite funny when i realized that despite those guys strutting around as they do the actual difference between the average legend player and an average cata one is small, very small.

Like we are talking the bounty hunter shooting you in the back 2 or 3 times less small, which is something i feel even more clearly having played more Cata games since making this post x)

I still don’t understand why you even made a thread since you just said there isn’t a point.

First of all, triple xp has started so, naturally, there will new players on all difficulties.

Second of all, the people you’re making fun of because they’re dying in Cata are most likely players who are new to Cata. I was definitely not the best player in Cata when I made the first jump from Legend. It was very rocky. I only made the jump to Cata because Legend felt very comfortable for me and I wanted to see if I could cut it in Cata. It took several months before I got the hang of the increase horde size and triple the amount of elites and specials.

People can’t learn to play Cata without actually playing Cata.

According to what I’m reading, you seem to be the only toxic person in your story.

Unless you can explain better what the purpose of this thread is because it literally appears to be some sort of rant post. Wipes in Cata happen. If you don’t like to lose then Cata is not for you.

Please take your rants to Reddit.

Also, here’s a link to the forum guidelines: Forum Guidelines

A few rules from the guidelines above:

Your Participation Counts

The conversations we have here set the tone for every new arrival. Help us influence the future of this community by choosing to engage in discussions that make this forum an interesting place to be — and avoiding those that do not.

What to avoid

  • Profanity, obscenities, or spiteful remarks.
  • Insults of other groups or individuals.

We Cata players are actually all QP circle chasers. True fact.


I do indeed not possess a grand cause or particular goal i wish to accomplish for making a thread, but you know this is something like a forum subboard dedicated to such things? x)

Ah here is the thing, you are taking it horrendously out of context x)

To clarify, yes indeed i am truly laughing at the few fellows i saw in Cata making silly mistakes, but you know, i was rather specific about what i was laughing at.

Yes i do agree, the hordes and differences in healthbars/stagger threshholds make cata play a fair bit different relative to legend, it takes getting used to it and laughing at those in that process would be toxic…but that is not what i was poking fun at now was it? x)

I was poking fun at a few fully equipped cata players (supported by their glowy weapons and fancy skins and borders) making silly and very basic mistakes like disrespecting a troll like an absolute rookie would. Or you know, standing around in a fire for the sake of that max DEEPS.

Even the newbies dont stand in fires, it was purely the guy …being a bumbler? Not quite serious? Something like that, and similarly i´d say that majority of players do know actually to avoid death by punting when they *arent being a bunch of jackasses running for green circles. Which they actually are a surprisingly often.

…Well i suppose i was also poking a bit of fun at the rather Elitist idea that Cata is some manner of holy ground for the truly skilled, nontoxic and mistake free people which has appeared here and there both in and outside the game.

Toxic for laughing at goofballs being goofy? The world has become a harsh place indeed. And where in the world did i actually write that i wiped? I´ll have you know all those runs were completed successfully albeit not all too smoothly due to similar shenanigans done by those happy-go-lucky fellows even after the bosses got sorted.

But with that said, good Sir i think you need to let your temper cool a bit because you are being quite hasty and off the mark with your accusations.^^

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Funny how you completely ignored me suggesting you reread the forum guidelines.

This thread is horribly inappropriate. Please go flex somewhere else.

Good sir you accuse me of disregarding what you write while completely ignoring what i myself write? I´ve still no apology from you for taking a whole chunk out of my text extremely out of context and accusing me of toxicity based off that!

And since you clearly dont seem to understand what i implied last time around i shall make it crystal clear, there is no need for me to care much about those guidelines here because there is no conflict.

This is what you are angry about, correct ?It is the only thing you have a good ground for being this persistent about at any rate but as ever you are somehow reading something completely different from what i have actually written? I honestly dont feel the need to apologize for something i have not done which you portray me to have done.

But let me repeat myself to be clear, those guys were not newbies and we did not wipe, additionally no insults above banter was exchanged.

First three offenses? Nope none of them, calling a guy who intentionally gets himself roasted like a campfire snack a goofball is not profane, obscene or even spiteful.

Insulting people then?

Did i insult any one person or named group? I called a bunch of people so busy chasing green circles that they ended up neglecting everything else (particularly that huntsman) goofballs, deary me how dastardly.

I suppose i have taken another step to villainy without even knowing! A shame i lack the tophat and the signature mustache doesn’t suit me at all. So while i consider my options for wardrobe additions may i suggest you put on your reading glasses?

Because quite frankly you have a serious talent for taking what i write and turning it into something very different which is not at all a good talent. and i think a bit more careful reading would do you good.

But to be even clearer, yes i do perfectly agree that dissing newbies getting used to to a higher difficulty or people making a mistake in a horde and dying would be toxic. But i specifically did not and i would truly appreciate if you ceased to claim i did.

If you do not i shall have to refer you to the very guidelines you seem to hold in such high esteem on the point of flame baiting, because normally what you are doing, taking things horrendously out of context and making accusations off that, is considered insulting.


I am not the one who is angry. Dude, you need to chill. This isn’t Facebook so don’t leave your dirty laundry out.

Flame baiting: noun; posting messages with the intent to provoke an angry response.

I’m trying to be completely unbiased and I asked you numerous times what the point of this thread was and you still have yet to answer it. After rereading your message, it still appears to be a negative post about other player’s performance in a video game.

All I was trying to do was explain how this topic is inappropriate. How would you feel if someone came here and posted a thread discussing how you played? It doesn’t matter you didn’t say their names, the fact is you are still shaming others base of your opinion of their skill level.

I always wondered why our player base is so low and why new players don’t stick around. I think I know why now. It’s attitudes like yours that drive people off. Please be courteous to your fellow gamer.

No one is perfect and humans make mistakes. Do not fault others because they are simply human. Vermintide 2 is just a video game and people can have bad days which lead to bad games. It doesn’t mean they lack skill or awareness but simply lack perfection and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I don’t know how familar you are with playing Cataclysm but if you’re expecting to win every game then you should probably move back to Legend. I’ve been playing Cata since March and I still lose about a third of all my matches. I don’t play it to win or for loot. I play it because it’s fun and challenging.


Imagine losing in cata


Trying? Man you are not.

This entire conversation started with you making a accusation that i was insulting newbies for making mistakes as they were learning cata, which i did not. Its a false accusation and since you keep refusing to acknowledge this while pressing accusations in turn…well calling it flame baiting is mild.

You repeat yourself while pointedly skipping past nearly all my arguments, people could get pissed for less.

And i answered? It´s a lounge post and needs no real point, the fact that you´ve misssed it despite me writing it repeatedly leaves me in serious doubt in regard to if you´ve read anything i´ve written at all.

Please do enlighten yourself to what exactly a lounge post is and what is asked off it relative to say a feedback post <.<

The problem with this statement is the difference between poking a small amount of fun at a veteran making a single silly mistake and outright discussing&dissing their entire playing is immensely large.

Would i react badly if someone on the boards wrote something like “I was playing in Cata today and i saw a silly chump get make a fool of himself as he deliberately stood inside a fire” while i had done that earlier? Nope, not at all.

Poking small fun at eachother in this manner is called banter, a word i do believe you need to bear in mind x)

And here is the proof that you keep jumping to conclusions all on your own while completely ignoring everything i write.

But allow me to repeat myself, yet again, to be clear, i never wrote a single word about my expectations for winning or even actually wrote anything about how those matches went initially. You dreamed all that up on your own and threw a heap of bias on me based on whatever you saw while asleep.

While also perfectly ignoring the point that i did write that i ended up winning those games, but well i do not really expect anything else from you given that you’ve seemingly already committed to ignoring most of what i write.

When did i say anything about winning or losing or my thoughts about them? You brought this subject up all on your own. I did respond earlier by saying that i did not actually lose any one of those above mentioned games though, which you pointedly have kept ignoring.

“Banter” good sir, is a word you need to get acquainted with, as is the concept of actually reading everything. But to highlight it there is a significant difference in flaming a newbie for failing at stuff due to being new and poking fun at a veteran for making newbie mistakes!

If we take a random pro baker for some middle/high end bakery and he/she accidentally uses salt instead of sugar while baking a cake you can bet their peers would have a laugh at them and it would indeed be embarrassing to be in their shoes. But its considered a bit humorous when a mistake like that occurs for a pro and no one would really take exception to it unless it was a really important cake.

No harm done, unless the cake was important for some reason which it was not in this case.

I could ask the same of you really.

  • Quit taking parts of a statement/text out of context and make accusations of it.
  • Start properly reading what the heck the person you are discussing with is actually writing, because very evidently you are not.
  • Quit jumping to conclusions and dreaming up scenarios before making accusations off those, it´s outright slander.
  • Realize that taking a persons statement out of context and accusing them off it is slander which tends to tick people off, flame baiting to a degree!

Aaaand here we have it, actual proof of bias.

Good sir let me throw your words back at you, if you expect to win every game at all you ought to quit playing entirely …and truly do please quit to dream up scenarios and conclusions all on your own and accusing me of imagined things!

And do comprehend the difference between harassing a learning newbie and poking fun at a veteran making newbie mistakes while you are at it!

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Sigh, why do we have threads like these again? Well, let us take a look at the main takeaways here:

  • Point 1: Fatshark should seriously consider giving Kruber a top hat even if it is lore breaking. After all he has the moustache for it. We should also consider a moustache, monocle, top hat headgear for WHC.

  • Point 2: If a troll hits a player on a low angle towards the river, he should not die instantly and sink like a stone. He should be water-flipping and I totally support Fatshark introducing a new secret in Fort BrachsenbrĂĽcke which you can only reach if you get water-flipped over the river.

  • Point 3: For a change, we could have acted like adults and let the thread die because there is really no Point to it. Or at least we could have let it slide after the initial back and for. Instead we witness pointless ongoing bickering.

  • Point 4:

How do you know they have not been new to Cataclysm unless all of them had one of the four (?) Cataclysm specific frames?

  • Point 5:

Whereever did you get that impression from? Cataclysm is like every other difficulty. There are good players and bad players. The average surely is higher. I have never seen much toxic, elite behaviour in-game (this might be dependent from location, Europe 1 here) and certainly not much in the Fatshark Forum to support this claim. It is impossible to play mistake-free. Every Player knows that. But if people die in Cataclysm die or wipe, it is usually “So what?” and keep going. Because most people don’t play for loot so they care less when they die other than pride.


Glowy weapons, one FoW Cata border, excellent prior performance against hordes, and two of the hosts had the Cata keep decorations. And while an experienced legend player would be sufficient to do well against the cata hordes i also think it´s not a problem to poke fun at a experienced legend player for silly mistakes either, if i did there would be a problem with poking fun at the cata ones too given i wrote that i find the difference to be small.

Here and there, on these very boards it´s been a reoccurring thing that Cata players have put others down when it comes to balance discussions, not all too frequently thankfully but it has happened.

Similarly the talk that legend is far more toxic and has more highly unskilled players while cata is where all the “good players” are at is also fairly reoccurring here and to a higher degree unfortunately. But it also manifests in game when Cata players drop into legend to do weeklies and end up cursing up a storm when someone makes a mistake.

Like…i recall a run i had on the first drachenfells map in which our team made it to the village and were tripping through some tunnel/corridor in there when a troll spawned. Our cata MLG players immediately engage the troll while i and another guy instantly run out.

Then without any suspense at all it pukes at them and kills them, before going it and me and the other guy starts to fight while the two cata mains start raining curses nonstop for a good couple of minutes until the troll gets killed without doing anything further. Me and the other guy ask why´d they´d fight a troll in such a place and they just finish with something to the tone of " Hardstuck legend morons" before quitting.

This legitimately occurs in game i kid you not.

This is what it should be and is for the most part but is not always…some people have just lost their footing on the ground and let their self esteem inflate like a hot air balloon, this is what i was poking a bit at x)

Wow! I just cannot believe what I’m reading!

@Frostysir thank you for wasting my time. If I had known prior that this was a bait thread, I would never have bothered responding.


So to the very end you refuse to actually provide any arguments or answer any of my questions regarding your own statements and your final shot is a private message telling me i am a troll and a elitist? K then.

For real though, this all started with your :

Those guys being new is something 100% arbitrarily decided by you and there is nothing except your own conjecture to support it which honestly makes your subsequent accusations all the more ridiculous.

Those guys were not new which i started earlier, one had a FoW cata border, two had the keep Cata banner decorations and earlier during the runs they decimated hordes using melee with ease ,calling these guys newbies is just…what can i even say?

Then when i call you out for taking my statements of what happened and twisting them according to your own agenda you actually refuse to acknowledge that at all and call me a troll? Honestly some corner of my mind suggests i ought to be offended but i am mostly just baffled for i truly cant fathom what goes on in your mind at all.

My only guess is that you somehow seem deeply personally offended by at the thought of me poking fun at newbies but given i´ve already refuted that repeatedly i cant help but to wonder what the heck your actual goal is.

Or why you are so adamantly refusing to understand what a lounge post is while insisting it needs to do something that has never been enforced for lounge posts.

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