Pistols as a dedicated one-handed class

Current pistols, such as laspistol, autopistol, revolver (maybe bolt-pistol in future) is just a bad versions of full sized rifles. Why players cant use them as one-handed distance weapon at the same time with one-handed melee weapon.
Example - veteran with las pistol and axe, I can shoot without annoying weapon switch, but the pistol is a weakier than lasgun. If you use that combination, you dont have ability to perform heavy strikes and aim

Setting aside the fact that the Revolver is one of the strongest guns in the game atm, I can see your point, from a ‘fluff & atmosphere’ viewpoint.
But I’m not sure it’d make sense. You’d essentially have a combination that’s neither good at melee (no heavy attack means either bad vs armour or bad vs hordes), nor good against specials (a mediocre ranged option with no way to ads). Then you also have a weapon set that’s utterly confused when it comes to Blessings.
Why would anyone use that?
That said, the ‘light’ weapon options are usually balanced by quick switch times and high mobility while using them. Compare, f.Ex., to a Bolter, Flamer, or Helbore taking an unnerving amount of time to equip.

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