Penances requiring a specific blitz or aura not counting

Issue Description:
Penances that require a specific blitz or aura don’t count if you take talents that upgrade the base version

Steps to Reproduce:
Play any character with a blitz/aura penance, I’ll make an example
Ogryn: Bring the hurt - On heresy threat or higher, hit 4 elite or specialist enemies with big box of hurt in a row without missing 5 times, upgrading the blitz to “Bombs Away!” will stop it from counting (this one is still doable but you have to play a heresy threat mission with almost no talents equipped, according to what I found on reddit, I’m not gonna try that myself)

Mission Name (If Applicable):


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
since the overhaul until today 13 October 2023

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:

and just so you know I’m not a new player with level 1 characters only

and yes I’ve been trying hard for these penances, but I’m drawing a line at playing missions with deliberately detrimental builds, I’m not going to waste other people’s time for my own selfish reasons, it makes me feel icky just thinking about it.


Can confirm that bring the hurt only works without talents. Knocked it out that way yesterday.

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Power Up works for me, with the upgraded Brain Surge while at 4/6 warp charges (depending if you took that node)

Confirmed on Ogryn . Only picked the 1st rows of talents leaving 21 unspent to get the old Box of Hurt. Penances now updating.

Yep, been trying to do ‘Something In Your Eye’ with an upgraded Box o hurt and no luck in completing the penance despite numerous Corruptor kills with the initial box throw.

Edit - also having the same issues trying to progress ‘Bring the Hurt’

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