Bring the Hurt penance broken by new grenade

Issue Description:
I can’t progress through the bring the hurt Ogryn penance as it’s meant to be done by Basic grenades.
Augmented version from new talent tree prevents me to do it.

Steps to Reproduce:
Play game, hit 4 elites with new grenade, not miss anyone of them. Did that several times on 3 diff missions and no progression of the penance

Mission Name (If Applicable):

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Player ID:
Steam ID: 76561197990416906

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:

Reproduction Rate:
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Upload Supporting Evidence:
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I been trying this with the middle path, ( Upgraded Big Boxes of Hurt that spawns multiple nades ) and I have not been able to get any tracking.

I managed to get it done by simply not putting any point in any grenade and not doing down the skill tree

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