Ogryn Penance: Bring The Hurt

Issue Description:
Ogryn Penance: Bring The Hurt Does not progress while having the Bombs Away! talent allocated.

Steps to Reproduce:
Allocate Bombs Away! and hit as many elites in a row you want


Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
All the time, every time

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)


Same… tried rocks, Bombs Away! neither counted the multiple times I succeeded in 4 consecutives.

From what I can tell it can only be done suing unmodified boxes which… requires you to not spec your skill tree past the grenades which is just dumb and I assume not intended.

Personally I refuse to do this because being on heresy+, I don’t want to be deadweight to my team because of a stupid penance. (if it was Malice or less, maybe?)

Hoping they allow variations of boxes to count, even rocks is still a somewhat challenge (less so because of not having to hog grenade ammo from the entire team to do it…also a dumb motivation)


i did it same day i posted this by not speccing my tree like you said. It honestly wasnt that bad, but for most people i can see why they would never bother doing that as it can be a hassle.

The ‘redacted’ Ogryn penance ‘Something in the Eye’ has the same problem, it doesn’t work with anything but the basic Blitz. Fix it please, FS!

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