"Bring the Hurt" still not working

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It is mentioned in the latest patch that the Ogryn’s “Bring the Hurt” penance progression was finally fixed.
Except it isn’t. I’ve been trying for the better part of two hours to get progress on it and I ain’t getting none.
So it’s either; Still broke or Broken for Rocks.

Steps to Reproduce (Required):


  1. Play Ogryn.
  2. Use rock.
  3. Only use rock on elites/specials (aka, no ogryns/bosses)
  4. Penance “Bring the Hurt” numbers still refuse to increase.

Reproduction Rate (Required):

Constant (100%)

Platform (Required):

Steam (PC)

The latter. It only triggers for a variant of ‘the box’, so the normal one or the one you upgrade with ‘bombs away’, depending on your level. So it’s not a bug, you’re just not using The Box.

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I’ve been trying to do this with the upgraded box and still no luck. I’ve been very careful but have yet to get a single point for hitting the consecutive elites/specialists. Has anyone confirmed doing this penance with the upgraded box?

No, it’s still broken with the box. I had to finally complete it by only spending 9 talent points and using the default box.

I was able to complete this with the upgraded box yesterday. Progress seemed to happen randomly, sometimes even if I definitely missed an elite.

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