"Bring the Hurt" won't clock

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Bring the Hurt for Ogryn will not clock even 1/5 let alone 5 uninterrupted. Been running through Ogryn on Damnation with hi-int/shock troop and launching big boxes of hurt killing entire bad spawn balls of elites; watching the killfeed above scroll with specials and elites, but it won’t even clock a single one. Condemned to boringly playing the same build just for this one penance.

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Ogryn penance

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Constant (100%)

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PC - Steam

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Can confirm. I completed it by not spending talent points to upgrade any grenades. It still want’s you to use the default box and upgraded versions don’t count.

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Posted this in the other thread for this aswell, but I was able to complete this with the upgraded box yesterday. Progress seemed to happen randomly, sometimes even if I definitely missed an elite.

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