Please Change Ogryn's "Bring The Hurt" Penance

“Bring The Hurt” and other Ogryn penances dealing with the Ogryn’s grenade is completely broken. In order to complete said penances you need to only use the base ability grenade, locking you out of the entire ogryn talent tree completely if you’re going after these penances.

Now generally I would understand if this was meant to be part of the challenge, only being able to take 7 talents on heresy or above runs; however literally every other ogryn penance works with the updated talent tree, without locking you out of said talents. The bull rush penances 100% work with the new upgraded bull rush, so why doesn’t the upgraded box of hurt, the rock, or the nuke work with “Bring The Hurt”? It feels and is unfair. Please please please fix.


There’s a bug report about that. Not the first one, actually.

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