Bring the hurt penance

Issue Description:

Trying to get the “bring the hurt” penance but if you choose any of the grenade talents it doesn’t make it work, including the upgraded version. Right now the only way to get it is to not pick any talents below the grenade upgrades.

Steps to Reproduce:

Pick the upgraded box of hurt and attempt to do the penance.

Mission Name (If Applicable):

Any mission.

[Steam/Microsoft Store/Xbox]


Player ID:


Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:

EST. Anytime.

Reproduction Rate:
Once - Rare (<10%) - Unusual (<25%) - Common (<50%) - Often (<75%) - Constant (100%)


Upload Supporting Evidence:
[Screenshots, recordings, links to Twitch VODs, etc.]

[PC] Upload Console Log & darktide_launcher.log:
[Instructions: How To Provide a Crash Report, Console Log, or darktide_launcher.log]

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