Penance Points Acquisition

Fatshark, the new penance system is very cool, so thank you.

However, if you would, please consider giving us more various ways to get penance points (in the form of, i suppose, repeatable penances), hear me out:

the new moebian 6th loyalist armor looks great, but some players myself included, are a bit squeamish at the idea of needing ALL penances to reach it. Not so much the fact that it needs every penance, but more so that we’d need to spend quite an enormous amount of time playing classes and builds we’re not super interested in for many hours to get them all done, when maybe a single class’ set of armor is the goal.

I’m not asking for a shortcut, these theoretical repeatable penances (for lack of a better idea), would still need to be something that takes time and effort to accomplish, even if that just means they’ve played another 300 hours worth of darktide, or killed another 500k enemies or whathaveyou.

Narrative wise I’m sure you guys have this idea for the moebian 6th loyalist armor being peak skill by completing every penance. thus my argument here is to imagine these other penances as a way for someone to show their dedication (maybe one of them could be total matches won? something that isn’t going to cause team strife) through quantity as a quality of it’s own. this moebian 6th loyalist wasn’t the fastest, or the smartest, or the strongest, but somehow he’s stayed alive this long and that’s worth something.

Overall, this will allow some wiggle room for people who,

  1. are not interested in making a specific class, or playing a certain build for hours on end.
  2. do not have a premade to accomplish some of these penances.
  3. pretty much any reason someone might have for not being able to finish a single penance or two.

if there is a fatshark employee who made it this far, then you have my sincere thanks for reading.

-vermintide 2 player with 3000+ hours played, and still hasn’t gotten the portrait for doing all missions on all careers (i don’t like wizard and pyromancer)


It’s cool they reworked this, I guess. Getting “free” gear and… sort of rewarding players for their time is nice, but the one and only time I’m even going to bother with looking at that penance thing is earlier when I let the game update and launched it to claim whatever garbage I’d managed to unlock.

I could get behind repeatable penances. I’m probably not ever gonna be an auric player, so those penances are more than likely lost to me, unless I wanna ruin someone’s day there and get carried.


I’m not 100%ing this game just for a Moebian 6th set. I’m not selfish enough to do ALL of those goofy Penances and ruin other people’s days just for a torso. Fatshark could’ve implemented another way to get enough Penance Points for that torso or something…

Sorry, I’m just REALLY ticked off that one of the two things that I wanted out of this update (the other being the Personality Scourge) is locked behind an almost IMPOSSIBLE to achieve 100% wall. I’d genuinely rather to just pay for the cosmetics at that point.


That’s the entire point of that milestone.

Personally I’m just gonna quickly do all missions on auric which will get me my 3500 milestone black & gold armor and be done with it. I don’t particularily like the final armor and won’t bother going out of my way to farm it. Since most new class specific penances are tedious grindfests that’ll be gotten automatically sooner or later.

I still don’t get why they didn’t add weapon specific penances. I’d much rather grind out those, but let’s be real: they want people to buy the weapon skins with money, not earn them. Funny how they ditched that coming from Vermintide 2…


Well at the very least you can be thankful the chest pieces are god awful. Really the only thing worth it in the set is the Zealot and Psyker headpieces


I personally think that the Moebian 6th set as a whole would be totally fine… at 3000 Penance Points MAXIMUM. It is awful as the reward for 100%ing the game.


Not to mention that all the helmets except Psyker look like it was 1 base model they split into 2 different helmets…


Are we talking about the high-tier balaclava/gas mask ones or the low-tier helmet ones? Actually… what you’ve said applies either way :skull:

I’ll be real, I’d be completely satisfied with the Moebian set with the balaclavas/gas masks if they were worth fewer Penance Points. They are NOT worth 100%, no way.


I’m saying I think the helmet and gas masks were supposed to be together, as 1 option, instead of 2 different helmet options.


I got 4955 for the total, so that’s quite a bit over the current “end” of the progression track. No need to 100% for the Moebian 6th chest pieces.

I fully expect periodic expansions to the track (especially with new maps) and that it will probably include the Tier 3 Moebian helmets. The ogryn’s is already visible in the files.


I believe you are in the minority. Perhaps 3% of players have that amount of penance points.

I reached 2980 points yesterday at 1670 hours played, and achieving 4955 would need me to effectively “power game” with the express intention of going for penances, which would screw over other players in Auric Maelstrom, my preferred game mode.

I get why Fatshark did the track the way they did, but I don’t see how it would attract new players, especially given how grindy the track is and the fact that you can’t earn the Moebian set unless you’re an achievement hunter.

What Darktide needed right now was to not put more content behind an RNG grind wall.


Imagine how cool that gas mask would’ve looked with that helmet on Vet for example.

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Yeah! I’m at 2400 Points right now after 639 hours and it’s just… plain annoying to HAVE to keep grinding for at least multiple weeks just to get the gear that I should’ve earned after 639 hours I guess :joy:

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I was misinformed! Still, the amount of Penance Points that they’re asking for it is just INSANE. It’ll still require hundreds of more hours just for me to actually reach that milestone.

That’s awesome… But they’ll need to either double our Penance Points per Penance or half the increments between rewards or something for that to be genuinely fair. I’ve dumped nearly 650 hours into this game and earned just over half of the rewards in that time (2400/4500)

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Oh no, I’m at like 3100 or so personally. I meant when adding it all up I got 4955 as the sum.

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You baited us real good!


Quick Mafs :pray::black_heart:

It’s at least something that they gave roughly 450 points as wiggle room to skip some of he more annoying penances, but I doubt I’ll bother.

I’m also at roughly 3100 with 680 hours played. If you had close to all penances before the update, doing a single auric damnation run on all missions pushes you to roughly 3600-3700, including the random penances you get along the way.

The only truly tedious part of getting to 4500 is doing every new class specific extra penance. But then again you could easily skip a minimum of 45 penances at 10 pts each and still get 4500.

I don’t think the armor is worth the effort though.

One complete mission on auric damnation nets you a total 50 penance pts, if I haven’t miscounted. At 15 missions thats 750pts just from completing 15 runs.
Also just join. The quality of auric players has massively dropped since the update, I honestly don’t care about one extra guy trying weird stuff.

I just ran 7 runs of smite/dome gunpsyker to get the psyker penances for both. To my surprise this whacko build did a lot of hard carrying. So you might be surprised about what things you might discover

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I exclusively play Auric Maelstrom and have done so since its release, thus I have no interest in lowering the difficulty level to grind for example books.

Nonetheless, you gave some really useful information, thanks!